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Keeper Shelf Monday

I know you still have money leftover from all those gift certificates you got for Christmas/Hanukkah.

Or maybe—like me—you have a winter birthday, and are going to be getting even MORE gift certificates soon (hint).

In any case, here’s a book that you’ll want to add to your keeper shelf (in between the Agatha Christies, the Chick Lits, and the paranormals, because it’s a little bit of all three):

Dream Life by Lauren Mechling

(I know, pretty cover, right?)

From Booklist:

Picking up where Dream Girl (2008) left off, Claire is learning to command her ability to see into the future through her dreams. In addition to figuring out how to decipher her psychic gift, Claire is secretly dating her best friend Becca’s brother. Turns out that Becca belongs to a secret society of do-good teen philanthropists whose mission is to spruce up the city anonymously–but someone is out to expose the group, and it’s up to Claire to thwart the plot. Teen girls looking for a light read with elements of mystery, adventure, romance, and life in high society will appreciate this satisfying stand-alone sequel.

(Dream Life is the follow up to Dream Girl, out in paperback now. But you don’t need to have read Dream Girl to enjoy Dream Life!)

I was lucky enough to receive an email from Claire Voyant herself (I know!). Claire is actually trying her hand at writing an advice column! The questions come from fans of the Claire Voyant series. The answers come from Claire’s heart. Claire warns that she doesn’t have a degree in psychotherapy—so use at your own risk!

Dear Claire,

I’m going on a date next week and I’m totally excited except for one thing: I don’t know what to order. I can be a messy eater (okay, a really messy eater) and I would die if the guy got the impression I am as disgusting as. . . well, as me. But I also don’t want to just order a dry bagel and make him worry I’m on some Gwyneth Paltrow detox diet.

What to do?!

Karlyn Who Wants To Strike The Right Balance Between Lady And Pig, San Diego


Wow. You really are between a rock and a hard place. (Or should I say an arugula leaf and a spaghetti sauce beard?)

You definitely don’t want to order like some ninny who’s terrified of dinner. And you don’t want to waste the whole date worrying about what’s dribbling down your chin either.

But lo! This is precisely what sandwiches were invented for. And lucky for you, sandwiches are no longer the stuff of 4th grade lunchboxes and McDonald’s visits. All sorts of fun restaurants are serving cool variations on the sandwich, like the Cuban, Vietnamese, or, my favorite, the kati roll (it’s a burrito filled with Indian food).

The magic thing about bread is it keeps everything in place. One last note: I’d lay off the ketchup. Hard, but totally worth it.

Bon appetit!


Here’s the awesome book trailer to Dream Life. I’m a little addicted to the music in it:

Dream Life by Lauren Mechling -- Trailer from Richie Williams on Vimeo.

I can’t wait to read this book!

It seems like lots of people, from Claire in Dream Girl to real life authors, are solving mysteries and fighting crime! I just read about this in Jennifer Weiner’s blog!

Wow. I myself have never stopped a robbery—although I’ve helped catch a couple of perps!

That’s because I’ve been inside houses while they were being broken into. Rather than taking the robbers out myself, however, my first instinct was to hide.

I find closets work well as a last resort. So does simply leaving the house (if you can do so safely). In both cases, the police caught the gentlemen involved (one got tasered right in front of me)!

Once, I even got to go to a line up. Just like on Law and Order!

And I picked the right guy. He confessed, but kept saying, “No way could there be a witness. There was no one in that house.”

That is what an awesome hider I am.

Since his own grandmother later testified against him, and he turned out to have a history of violence, the police officer told me it was a REALLY good thing I hid.

So: Although kicking butt like Katherine Dunn is amazing, if your first instinct is to run and hide, FOLLOW IT. Because that’s OK, too. And it could save your life.

Now, let’s look at that Dream Life cover again, shall we?

Hmmmm. Pretty.

More later.

Much love,