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Making Fetch Happen

I’m so out of the loop trying to finish my next Allie book, I actually can’t keep track of anything anymore!

Like, I didn’t even realize this book was out yet.

But it is!

(Seriously, it’s a problem. I just asked my mom, who’s crafty, to make me a bulletin board because even though I have all the fancy gadgets in the world to remind me of stuff, I don’t seem to pay attention to them. So I’m going old school: bulletin board. You can’t turn off a bulletin board!)

I read this book a long time ago when it was still in galley form. It’s by the author of the book on which the movie Mean Girls was based!

Only this new book is fiction!

I met the author, Rosalind Wiseman, when I went on the Today Show once for a segment about gossip.

As the author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, Rosalind is an expert on how hurtful gossip can be, and as the author of books like Queen of Babble, so am I (ha!).

Being on the Today Show (which I’ve done a couple of times now) is always crazy fun (You get to meet totally random people in the green room! Professionals do your hair and makeup! You get to see if you’re taller than Matt Lauer!)….

Rosalind and I had to act like enemies during the show, because she was taking the anti-gossip stance, and I was pro…

…but only to make the segment more interesting, of course. Because gossip is wrong! Especially gossiping over the Internet, which I would never do!

Speaking of which, did you hear what happened to poor Teresa on Real Housewives? Teresa, I am here for you, honey. Call me, we’ll talk, I’ve never missed an episode of Intervention, I can help.

Wait, where was I?

Oh, yeah. Rosalind is super nice, one of those people you can tell is trying to do good in the world, and who really worries about kids and their self-esteem. Like, worries! She even has this video advice column she actually remembers to update and everything. Love her!

So, now Rosalind’s written this new book that was so much like actually being a freshman in high school that I was all, “Wow, I’m so glad I’m not a freshman in high school anymore.”

If I knew a middle schooler who was going into high school (which I do), I’d buy this book for her as a sort of how-to guide.

And what’s more, Tina Fey loved Rosalind’s new book, and gave it a blurb.

Seriously? There is no word to describe any of this except fetch.

More later.

Much love,


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