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Too Much Awesome

Remember how the Wonder Twins (helpers to the Super Friends) would get together and save people?

Well, it seems like whenever my brother and I get together, instead of saving people, we make people fall down.

And break something.

Take the last time my brother and I got together at my house: My grandma fell down the stairs and broke her pelvis.

This time, it was my husband. He fell down the stairs and broke his ankle on Saturday.

I know what you’re thinking:

Is it the sheer awesomeness of so many Cabots together at one time that’s too much for people to handle, so they just fall down?


It’s really for the good of mankind that we remain on separate sides of the country most of the time.

Oh, wait. That wasn’t what you were thinking?

Oh, okay, it was “Didn’t He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog just break his elbow a few months ago?”

Yes, he did, in a bike accident (I would like to point out that neither my brother nor I were anywhere close when that happened).

HWSNBNITB is feeling very sad right now at the prospect of having pins put in his ankle, and then more months of physical therapy.

And I know I should be THANKFUL that it wasn’t worse (he was checking why the pool lights didn’t come on. In the dark. And then he slipped down the pool steps, and fell in. He could have hit his head and drowned, or something)!

So I AM grateful! Not just that he only broke his ankle, but for all the other great things in my life….

…like YOU!

But it’s hard not to feel a little bad.

It actually all reminds me a little of this:

But I swear that’s not how it went down! No bears were involved!

I hope your thanksgiving was a little less exciting than ours.

And that you’ve learned to contain your awesomeness better than my brother and I have, when we get together for the holidays.

More later.

Much love,