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It’s perfect stay-indoors weather here because of pesky Tropical Storm Ida–windy and rainy, with palm fronds flying everywhere!

And while I hope it clears up in time for the book fair in Miami this weekend, it’s kind of a good opportunity for us to dip into Meg’s Mail Bag, since it’s been a while.

So let’s take the plunge!

My best friend is really SO lucky. The Galera Record (who publishes your books here in Brazil) is raffling two books (Of course, Yours).

Now, guess what? She wins!

I really love her, so I didn’t blame her, or nobody. But, the fate or something like that is so unfair! I mean, I love you so much more than her.

And you FOLLOW her on Twitter, and didn’t follow me.

One day Fate should be fair, right?

So much love,
I’m Not Going To Put Her Name

Wow. What I loved most about Brazil was the hot-blooded PASSION of its residents.

Anyway, here’s the thing:

Twitter is new. We’re all still just trying to figure it out.

People seem to be doing one of these three things:

Following everyone who follows them; just following their friends; or following no one.

To me, following no one is kind of boring.

And I think “just following your friends” is kind of stuck up (no offense, clique-y celebrities. But we’re not in high school anymore)!

And I agree with Nameless Above that it’s a little bit rude not to follow back someone who is following you (as long as it’s a real person, who isn’t a spammer or a total psycho).

I understand that people with a million followers can’t read EVERY SINGLE ONE of their posts. As much as I’d like to, I can’t read all of my followers’ posts, either, or I wouldn’t have time to write my books and stay on the cutting edge of popular culture by watching every television show known to man.

But if someone is following me, I really do want to see who she is.

So I do try to check in on each and every one of my followers from time to time, when I get the chance. I don’t tweet back personally, but I do get a great feel for who my followers are–fun, fantastic people.

So my policy is, I follow EVERYONE who follows me (except spammers and pervs, of course. If I see that you’re a spammer or a perv, of course I will drop you, after first reporting the pervs to the appropriate authorities).

This just seems like the princessy thing to do.

The rest of the populace may do as they see fit.

Hey Meg,

Was just browsing the internet and I saw this totally awesome thing. I got a lot of humour out of it and thought you would too!

Best Thing Ever

Jennifer J.

Shut. Up.

Jennifer, you get a tiara for a day for that:

Wear it in good health.

From Diana P:

Kathy Griffin Signs Up For Another Season Of D Listed!

Yay! Diana P gets a tiara for the day, too!

Also, Kathy’s book, Official Book Club Selection, which I’ve been reading in bits and pieces when I get a chance, is so GOOD!

I really had no idea how much Kathy struggled to get to where she is today. It’s seriously awe-inspiring, and I think a must-read for all career-minded women, especially anyone who wants a career in the arts.

(And the chapter featuring Andy Dick was so laugh-out-loud funny, He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog actually came running upstairs to check on me when I was reading it because he thought I was having a seizure.)

Re: Heather Wells:

Are you planning to publish another book in this series?

Ever since reading Big Boned almost 2 years ago I have been waiting for the next book in this series.

By the way, I know you write a lot of books. However, I really want another Heather Wells mystery!

I know. My bad.

Here is the status on this series:

The next Heather Wells book is all plotted out and I even have the first couple of chapters:

Heather is currently stranded in a J Crew dressing room, trying on those wedding gowns you see in all the catalogs, and not having a very good time because you know those J Crew wedding dresses almost never look as good on as they do in the catalog.

(I know because I just ordered a bunch and was trying them on recently. And they looked AWFUL on me. Possibly because I ordered them in green, but whatever. They looked really, REALLY bad.)

But I got sidetracked from that project by my adult editor, Carrie Feron (who edits the Heather Wells books, too). It’s her fault. BLAME HER!!!!

It was one of those things where Carrie said all casually at lunch one day, “Have you ever thought about doing _______?”

And I was like, “Um, no. Why would I do THAT???”

And then for the next year I couldn’t get the idea of doing THAT out of my head.

It turned into one of those “shark” ideas. You know, the kind that sneak up and bite you and won’t let go until you start writing them?

I was so, so mad. I seriously HATE those! They come from nowhere and you don’t want them and yet…they won’t LEAVE until you write them all the way down.

So, THAT book (called Insatiable) should be out this coming summer (if I get it turned in on time. I’m still tweaking it. It’s quite long).

But Heather will be coming right after that!

As long as I get her out of that dressing room. Poor thing.

More later.

Much love,


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