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I’m leaving now for Miami for my event tomorrow, and I’m so excited because I get to stay in a fancy hotel in South Beach instead of my house (which still smells like a rotting mouse corpse. How can such a small thing take so long to decompose?), eat room service, and….

…I get to see all of YOU!

There are, of course, a few pieces of business to take care of before I go:

First of all, I just found this website devoted to romantic suspense author Mary Stewart. How cool is this? It’s been around awhile, I know, but I’ve only just discovered it.

I think it’s lovely. I was just re-reading Nine Coaches Waiting and going, “Oh, Raoul!”

Raoul probably the best Stewart hero, although I change my mind every time I re-read one of her books.

Secondly, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with all the new shows on TV. I adore V (although for the first 47 minutes of the premiere it seemed like a snoozefest). But why are they all on the same night? Glee and Friday Night Lights are on at the same time!

(I wasn’t that fond of Glee this week, though I enjoyed Puckerman, of course. I liked that finally there was a real stutterer on TV, and then they just took that away. That made me go…what? And then the thing with Coach Sue? Really? They’re trying to make that character sensitive? Hmmm…)

Anyway, have you been watching Mercy? It’s on Wednesday nights, too, and about kind of slutty (but funny!) nurses. One of them was in Iraq and her husband cheated on her while she was gone, so then she cheated on him with a hot doctor in the heat of battle. So then the hot doctor decided he was in love with her and followed her back home to Mercy Hospital (without telling her), where she’s trying to patch things up with her no good husband.

Got that?

As you can see, one of the nurses is played by Buffy’s little sister Michelle Trachtenberg (who was also in Ice Princess) so it’s especially surprising that she’s having an affair with a married fireman (she doesn’t know he’s married). Next week the special guest is his wife…played by Real New Jersey Housewife Theresa! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

OK, maybe I love watching those nurses having sex with firemen, cops, and doctors a little too much! We haven’t missed a single episode. You should watch it!

Finally, I can’t stop worrying about Giada de Laurentiis. You know I love her show and everything about her. She seems so nice!

But when I was flipping through one of the million magazines I get every week (don’t even ask me which one it was because I can’t remember now, but I think it was Shape or People or something), BANG! There it was:

Giada in a swimsuit.

I am NOT being judgy because I think it’s great that she’s in such good shape (especially considering how much pasta she eats).

But Giada totally has Food Network stalkers who just watch her show to see her boobs jiggle when she stirs! This is only going to inflame them. They went completely mental that day she put on that scuba suit, and she was covered from neck to wrist.

And what’s TODD going to say? I have a feeling he’s going to go completely Raoul about it.

Oh, Giada. It must be hard to balance a career, motherhood, and pervy Food Network stalkers. I know I have a hard time worrying about you balancing it.

So, anyway…if you aren’t doing anything else on Saturday at 11:00, and you live in the South Florida area, COME SEE ME!!!

I’ll be signing from Noon-1PM outside the room where I’m speaking.

Miami Book Fair International
Miami Dade College 

300 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL 33132

Batten (Building 2, 1st Floor, Room 2106)

I have NO IDEA what the signing rules are. I guess we’ll find out when I get there.

Oh, wait…what was that?


Obviously I want it to be this:

Or this:

Or something a little more like this:

But I’m not sure any of those are particularly practical (plus I don’t own them…).

So show up and find out! It will be a surprise to us both.

More later.

Much love,