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Bloopers, Brothers, Brazilians, and Boyfriends

So I didn’t see any movies at all this weekend—except Rachel Getting Married, but that was on Starz or HBO or something, and it’s been out forever, so that doesn’t count.

I have to say, if Kim (Anne Hathaway’s character) was my sister, not only would I NOT have invited her to my wedding, I would have eloped.

(Special note: I did elope, and I’m not even related to her.)

But I digress.

Anyway, I did post some new movies of MINE to my YouTube channel (which I think should sort of count as going to the movies), since I’ve been neglecting it HORRIBLY.

One is a collection of bloopers from the Read Our Lips advice series Michele Jaffe and I have been doing.

Have you ever wondered what goes on BEHIND the scenes when authors make their YouTube videos?

Well, now you’ll know! (Hint: A LOT of eating and swearing. We bleeped the swearing):

And the second one is a completely bizarre (but lovely) video tribute my Brazilian publisher made for me as a surprise when I visited Brazil for the 2009 Bienal do Livro this fall.

The publisher asked fans to send in home videos about why they love my (as well as author Bernard Cornwell’s) books.

This is the incredibly sweet (and hilarious) result:

Finally, get this:

My mom’s boyfriend now has a website, which my mom made for him (with her own little hands!).

You remember, he was my art teacher, with whom my mom is now blissfully living in sin? You read all about it in The Princess Diaries, because it made for a good story, because it was true…even if I’m not really a princess.

The whole thing still grosses me out a little—the living together part, not the part where I’m not a princess. So much so that I may have to write another book about it.

Anyway, you have to go there now:

You know you want to. You can’t help yourself. Go to his site, be amazed, and then tell all your rich art collector friends who own hospitals and banks to go too, and buy some of his art!


Actually, a lot of his art is very reasonably priced (just email and ask), so you could probably afford many of the paintings and drawings, which I really do like.

It’s just the gargantuanly huge ones that are the size of elephants and probably wouldn’t fit in your apartment anyway that cost a lot.

He really is amazing, and the website is, too. Good going, Mom!

OK, I have go finish my book(s) now before my brother Sergeant Friendly shows up for Thanksgiving dinner. Did I tell you he got divorced? Yeah, he did. It’s sad.

But I wouldn’t worry too much about him. He’s 6’8”.

It’s my share of the gluten-free pumpkin pie He Who Shall Not Be Named In The Blog is making that you should be worried about right now. I know I am.

More later.

Much love,


PS Uh, yeah, I just realized that some people might think that the brother mentioned in the bloopers video and MY brother are the same people. NO! Totally separate, and in fact the reason we didn’t end up answering that question was because Michele and I both LOVE the women our brothers married and had no idea how to solve that problem. The end.