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Strong Female Characters

Guess who’s going to be on Voice of America?

That’s right. Me.

(And Diana Gabaldon. And Shannon Hale. And Kristin Cashore. Yeah! The theme for the show is Strong Female Characters, in case you didn’t notice.)

I know you totally want to listen to it, and you can, by going here. The show will air this Thursday (Oct 22) at 9AM Pacific/12PM Eastern.

This was a fun show to be on (I’ll be honest: not all radio shows are. Especially the ones where you have to wake up at 5AM and the host is named DJ Mad Dog and the first thing he says to you is “Hey, Meg! Welcome to the Dog House! Bark for us! Come on! Bark for the Mad Dog, Meg!”) because the VOA host, Matthew Peterson, was funny and personable. It was more like just having a conversation with a friend than being interviewed.

In fact I totally hope he edited this interview a bit because I got carried away and said some things I kind of regret…like about He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog’s reaction when he found out I was giving away all the author proceeds from Ransom My Heart to Greenpeace (reaction: “WHAT??? Are those PRE-TAX DOLLARS???”)

In other news, attention French readers:

You know how you were complaining that you didn’t have any of the half books, like Project Princess and Sweet Sixteen Princess and Princess Present?

Well, now you do!

Encore Plus D’Histoires de Princesse! Volumes 4 ½, 6 ½, and 7 ½, all bound in a lovely snow white volume. Bravo, France!

I actually didn’t know about this until a gorgeous copy of it arrived at my house (well, I mean, I’m sure someone told me about it, but I forgot).

I love that all the books in this series have been translated by the same translator, the sweet Josette Chicheportiche, whom I got to meet when I was in France for the Salon de Livres two years ago, and who does such a terrific job. Well, not that I can read French. I can speak it, a little—with what I consider a very nice accent, which I learned when I had to spend 1st grade in a little village in France because my dad got a teaching job in Grenoble!

Which might be why one Frenchwoman pointed out to me last time I was there, very politely, “Your accent is very good, but your tenses…you sound like you might be a leettle bit retarded.”

Oh well. Voice of America still thinks I write Strong Female Characters! Bien sur!

More later.

Much love,


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