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Meet Judy Blume!

I know, I know…you’ve always wanted to meet Judy Blume.

Well, now you have your big chance!

On Monday, October 19, she’ll be hosting a night of comedy to celebrate free speech (and benefit the National Coalition Against Censorship) at City Winery in New York City….

And you can be there!

(Okay, for $50. But hey…it’s for a good cause!)

Just click here for details and to reserve your ticket.

I know, fancy, right? And like I said, a good cause. Do you have any idea how many books get banned in schools every year?

And these are just the ones we hear about. An even more insidious problem are the school libraries where the problem “goes away” because the books are quietly removed…via the trash can.

How do I know about this? Because that’s where a volunteer found a set of my books after the school librarian received a complaint from a parent that a character mentioned the word “condom” in them.

The volunteer removed the books from the trash and emailed me in outrage to let me know what had happened.

The NCAC works to try to stop this—and worse—from happening! Here are just a few of their most recent projects.

I’m very sad I can’t be there for Judy’s event, but lots of cool other people will be! (Here is the complete list. Some people not on the list that I happen to know will also be there include fab authors Rachel Vail, Carolyn Mackler, and Lizzie Skurnick…yay! Go Shelf Discovery!)

(I would bring this if I were you.)

All your celebrity dreams could come true! And at the same time, you’ll be helping out an important cause, and having a night filled with laughter.

Come on, it’s Monday. What else were you going to do?

Say hi to Judy for me!

More later.

Much love,


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