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Party Bus Goes Home

What can I say?

Big love to all the Julianas, Giulianas, Juliannas, and Giuliannas, Marinas and Ana Carolinas, the Luisas, Luizas, Ana Luisas and Maria Luisas, the Andressas and Alessandras, the Isabels and the Marianas, the Helenas and Rafaelas and Raquels, and everyone in between!

(Not to mention a big shout out to all the Thaises, Tamarises, and the one and only Talita)!

Also the TiTis, the ViVis, the Viis, and the Cats!

You were all wonderful and I can’t wait to see you again someday.

And for all of you who want to be writers, I can’t want to read YOUR books when they get published (and translated into English, because hard as I try I don’t think I’ll learn to read Portuguese anytime soon).

Thanks to Capricho Magazine for the totally fun signing (and for inviting me to their offices for brunch, where I got to see the amazing Clothing Closet)!

And of course thanks to my wonderful Brazilian publisher, GalaRecord, who sponsored this fantastic tour. It was hard work for all of us, but I had the best time!

The last book signings in Curitiba, Sao Paulo, and especially Salvador, were just wild. Words cannot describe.

Booksigning in Sao Paulo (He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog calls this one “The Cage.”)

Signing in Sao Paulo

Doing a phone interview at the airport….Can you hear me now?

Click here to watch a newscast covering the signing in Curitiba. Even though it’s in Brazilian Portuguese, you totally get the gist. It was amazing!

Want to see photos of yourselves at the signings? Come to my publisher’s Meg Cabot Flickr page! I’m sure you’ll find yourself in no time.

Salvador wins for highest decibel screaming I’ve ever heard anywhere (click here for what it sounded like as I was coming through with mall security–you can’t see me because I’m actually swallowed up in Men in Black).

Behind the scenes at the signing in Salvador:

Mall security dispatched to fetch me and Guillerme and Carol (publicists from my publisher) from car and take us to elevator.

Reflective moment: This is what it must be like for the Jonas Brothers every single day.

Suddenly remember: Pens! All my pens have run out of ink! Did anyone get new pens???

(It’s OK: Wonderful Vera remembered the purple Stabilo markers. Big kisses to Vera!)

Thanks so much for all the thoughtful notes, letters, and gifts with which you showered me. Below is just a small sampling of some of the gifts:

There were far too many for me to pack into my suitcase or read before I left, so I’m having them sent home separately. I can’t wait to read them all!

Now I’m home where instead of joyful greetings I got a lot of angry hissing and growls from Henrietta, who was upset with me for being away so long.

I am Queen Henrietta, and I am so angry with you right now. Why did you go away? No, there is no excuse.

She has been supervising the reconstruction of He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog’s office in our absence.

Apparently, she hated us and the office redesign so much, she took to disappearing inside a hole in the wall for days at a time, refusing to come out except for Whiskas Temptations.

One of Henrietta’s many “foot stools,” which she needs to get onto the bed now because of her kitty arthritis, and on which also go her bizarre plastic caps full of water, which she demands I refill constantly..

When steps were taken to cover the hole to prevent her from going in there and being hurt, permanently lost, or sealed in, she sat next to the hole and cried forlornly as if her heart were breaking.

What’s inside that wall, anyway? The entrance to Narnia?

When I got home, she disappeared under the bed, growling and hissing at me to express her disapproval of my behavior.

Then after I ignored her for a while, she came out from under the bed pretending like nothing had happened, and hasn’t left my side since.

Where is my foot stool, my water caps full of water, and my servant to keep them filled?

I’m not sure how any of us are going to get back to normal after this.

But I’m going to have to, because I have lots of stuff to write about!

Tchau for now. And obrigada, from my heart!

More later.

Much love.