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Brazilian SOS

Calling all fashionable Brazilian girls (which, according to my research, is all Brazilian girls):

I’m leaving for my trip to Brazil for the Rio Book Fair and my book signings in Sao Paulo, Curitiba, and Salvador, and I just realized:

I have NO idea what to bring to wear in Brazil. NO IDEA. And I leave, like, NOW!

I need your help! Can any of you email me with some tips and photos?

One thing I’m pretty sure I need to bring is pants, so I can avoid looking like Leann Rimes in this photo:

Poor Leann! I know she is going through a divorce, so she has an excuse. But really, this look is not for me.

I had a terrible nightmare that I went to Brazil and although I remembered my pants, they were pink Juicy Couture sweat pants (which I don’t even own), and then in my dream, I accidentally wet them.

I know! It was so traumatic. But wait! It gets worse.

And then on the Brazilian news, they were all, “Today at the Book Festival, Meg Cabot wet her pants.”

And they showed pictures of it!

So you can see why I’m concerned about this.

When you email me with suggestions of what to bring to wear, can you include links to hot places to shop in the cities I’m going to (but not places that sell pink Juicy Couture sweat pants)?

Come on, I know my readers love to shop. So hook me up! I’ll be eternally grateful.

I’m not going to have much time to shop, but I hope I’ll have some!

And as much as I love Tori Spelling, she looks very unhappy in this photo, so I’m not sure this a look I want to emulate either:

So it’s up to you girls to HELP me!

Also, do you need a coat at night in Brazil? Is the air conditioning so cold that you need a sweater inside? Are girls in Brazil wearing maxi dresses or is that completely over (it’s still all the rage here in Key West)? Except for the girls who go out wearing…well, something like this:

Only without the booties (a lot of them skip the top, too…and the pants. It’s a party town).

The point is, I have to go to cocktails at the American consulate’s house (for real! I KNOW! I have to get dressed up for THAT), and opening ceremonies and breakfasts with the press and of course signings with YOU all!

So I need to bring some fancy clothes, not clothes like the photos above (Tori not included)!

Any suggestions, ladies?

And for any men reading this blog going, “Oh my God. Do women really talk about things like this?”…YES WE DO! We do this so that we never make the mistake of wearing something like this:

You see? Lily Allen obviously has no friends, because if she did, they would never have allowed her to go out in this top. That’s what sisterhood is all about. Am I right?

So help me, oh wise Brazilian girls! Show me the Brazilian love, because I just read here that YOU ARE THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!

I’m so excited to be going to the happiest place on earth!

Here’s the schedule one more time of where I’ll be. I really hope I’ll see some of you! I can’t wait! Even if I do show up somehow without pants….

More later.

Much love,