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What I’m Hating Right Now

Last week I posted about a few things I’m loving right now. To balance things out, here are a few things I’m hating at the moment:


Check out my essay on my personal experiences being rejected (to quote Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta: “Let your haters be your motivators!”) on Seventeen.com!

When Things Sell Out Before You Even Have A Chance To Get Them:

Like this bag. I will always mourn the fact that I never got this Marc Jacobs Duffy:

Or what about my signings in Brazil?

The tour is finalized, and most of the signings (including the book fair) are requiring that you get passes in advance!

Check here for info in Portuguese and get in touch with the stores and book fair people (not me or any of the people listed on my site! We cannot help you. It’s the stores and the Rio do Bienal you have to be in touch with)!

Also check here for an updated schedule in English.

The Word LOL:

No, I don’t hate laughing out loud! And I love Lolcats.

I just hate the word LOL.

And don’t worry if you’ve ever written to me and put LOL in the message. I don’t hate people who use the word LOL. I’m just sick of the expression. Some people just use it way too freely. Examples:

OMG, I just threw up popcorn out of my nose at the movies, LOL!
OMG, my boyfriend just broke up with me, and I can’t stop crying, LOL!
OMG, my mom ran over our fourteen-year-old dog, Fluffy, LOL!

Seriously! Serial LOLers have ruined LOL for the rest of us, and now the only recourse is to quit LOLing. LOL must be retired to a place of glory in the annals of conversation forever, never to be used again, like “fresh” and “groovy.”

Goodbye LOL. It was nice to know you.

(Also due for retirement: ROTFLMAO. Coming soon: Pwned)

People Posting Inappropriate Photos Of Their Kids On Facebook:

People with kids: I do not want to see your toddler “making wee” for the first time on the big girl potty on your Facebook page.

I hardly ever go to Facebook anymore because I have been so scarred from being forced to look at things like this.

Parents: If any more of you do this, I will be forced to submit you to STFUP Parents. I’m sorry, but you brought it upon yourselves.

Now go to the Naughty Corner and think about what you’ve done (and how your kid will feel in ten years when she realizes that all of her parents’ friends, including Meg Cabot, have seen her naked…if Facebook still exists by then, which I pray to Baby Jesus it will not).

That Story About the “Plus Size” Model in Glamour

I don’t know why they are calling this girl, who is a Size 12, a “Plus Size Model.”

But everyone is talking about how Glamour has a “Plus Size” Model in their magazine.

“Plus Size?” Since when is Size 12 is a Plus Size? I thought Size 12 was AVERAGE. Also, NOT FAT. As you might recall from this:

Also, since the publication of Size 12 Is Not Fat, Size 14 is now the average size of women in this country.

So the media just needs to calm down with the “Plus Size” thing. That model is NOT Plus Size. When I saw her, I went, “Oh, cute, she has a muffin top, just like me!” And my BMI is totally normal. So screw you, media.

And Glamour, (and Marie Claire, and Seventeen, and Shape, and Self), I hope you realize from the positive reaction to this photo that you need to have more women who look like this in your magazines. AS WELL AS women who are actually Plus Sized (I nominate Ruby, from my new favorite show)!

Because even though the fashion industry claims to love the size 0s because “the clothes look better on them,” and they think they are showing us “at our best,” some of us will never be a size 0 or 2 or 4 no matter how much we exercise or eat right. It is physically impossible.

So why don’t you show us how the clothes would look on ladies who reflect how we REALLY ARE? ‘Kay? ‘Kay!

More later.

Much love,