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What I’m loving Right Now

Okay, so, yeah, I went a little bananas because it’s back-to-school time and I just realized one of my nieces is starting kindergarten.

She’s old enough for school supplies!

So I accidentally went to the online Disney Store and accidentally bought her this:

Which opens up to look like this:

But how much would you have loved that when you were five? Come on, you would have died for that.

(It comes in a Tinkerbell version, too, which I sent to her sister so she wouldn’t feel left out).

I’m also loving:

These shoes from Kate Spade:

Okay, maybe they aren’t that practical but who cares! They’re so princessy.

I’m also loving:

Mercy Corps!

A few weeks ago I read such a touching story in the NY Times about women fighting against being oppressed in their native country by the very people who should have been helping them that I picked up the phone and made a donation to their organization on the spot (the spot being my breakfast table).

You can help, too, just by making this book your book club pick of the month:

“A country can’t grow and be stable if half the population is marginalized.”

What a powerful message! Half the Sky is a book devoted to women in the developing world…because if you want to fight poverty and extremism, you need to educate and empower women!

What better book for you book club? Click here to find out how you can get a moderator’s kit, register your book club, and host your own fundraiser in your community now! (You can also just buy the book for yourself.)

But I’m not all about the serious stuff. I’m also loving:

Pamela Redmond Satran’s How Not To Act Old!

This book was so much fun I sent a copy to my mom for her birthday (who loved it) last week. It’s not really a guide on how to act 25—it’s a series of short satirical pieces that make fun of twenty-somethings AND fifty-somethings (and over).

And it’s absolutely hilarious.

Finally, I’m also loving:

Gorgeous by Rachel Vail which I finally got around to reading, and which was just a heavenly delight.

Rachel’s heroine wishes she could be pretty (in fact, she sells her cell phone to the devil in exchange for being pretty).

And you know what? She gets to be pretty!

Sure, she makes some dumb mistakes (like we all do), but nothing bad happens to her (well…some bad things do happen to her, or there wouldn’t be a book…duh).

But she’s really snarky and believable and I just loved her (and I really loved the boy she’s crushing on) and the way the story is resolved.

But I especially loved that she just wanted to be pretty, without being shallow. Who doesn’t want to be pretty? I mean, it seems like it would just make life easier, you know?

(I wish I could look like my author photo every day, but THAT’S not going to happen, unless a mega talented makeup artist, hairstylist, and photographer started following me around all day every day.)

But anyway, back to Rachel Vail: I love that she just gets it.

(And I’m not just saying this because Rachel and I recently went on the Deadline Diet together. In fact, I’m actually a little mad at Rachel because she beat me to the finish line and already handed her new book in. So, my saying her book is good is HUGELY nice of me, considering the fact that I actually hate her a little right now.)

And now I have to stop loving other stuff so much and get back to work loving the book I’m working on (which I really do love. Well, sometimes).

More later.

Much love,