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The Proposal

In my quest to see the Best Movie of all time, I saw The Proposal the other day.

(Full disclosure: I saw it with one of my gay husbands: my hair stylist.)

(Fuller disclosure: I have many gay husbands.)

(Fullest disclosure: I have so many gay husbands who are in the beauty, home, and design industry, I’ve been thinking lately that I need to start a gay army to give the world a makeover. I seriously get chills just thinking about it.)

The most important thing you need to know about The Proposal is that Ryan Reynolds is naked in it. Obviously I could tell you the plot and stuff, but who cares once you know that?

(I love Ryan Reynolds for more than his looks though. He is so hilarious in Just Friends with Anna Faris. I have to watch this movie every time it comes on TV, it’s that funny.)

Anyway, there is a long scene in The Proposal where Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are both running around naked but don’t mean to be naked in the same room and then they are and then they scream and bump into each other. NAKED!

Good for them! There’s no need to be shy about your body when you are a professional actor or actress. Your body is your tool and part of your craft. You need to share your talents with the world. Especially if you are Ryan Reynolds.

I looked for a picture of Ryan naked in The Proposal but I couldn’t find one so here is one of him chopping wood in Amityville Horror courtesy of Wooden Spears.

Here is another one of him chained up in one of the Blade movies (I actually saw this movie and enjoyed it very much, especially this scene, also courtesy of Wooden Spears):

As far as chick-flicks go, The Proposal was surprisingly good. It didn’t have any scatalogical humor, which automatically puts it ahead of Two Weeks Notice and Sex In The City, The Movie.

Why do Hollywood producers think I want to see Sandra Bullock or Charlotte having diarrhea? Because I do not.

Here is a picture of Sandra in The Proposal trying to feed a dog to an eagle. Don’t ask. Seriously.

The best part of The Proposal (to me) was when Sandra Bullock was taken by force to see the town’s “sexy” male stripper who was so NOT sexy, and she sits there with a look on her face that I completely recognized as the same look I get on my face whenever I am asked to play “party games” at a bridal or baby shower.

Thank you for this picture, Just Jared. The look on her face in that picture says it all. She’s like, “Who am I going to kill first? Betty White? Yes. I think so.” Later, she drinks shots to try to forget.

But no amount of liquor will make you forget that.

I enjoyed The Proposal and not just because of the nakedness…which did not, by the way, lead to sexy times. The romance in this movie was entirely based on two people hating each other but then realizing that in fact they actually loved each other…and hating that they realized this. This reminded me of me and He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog. Only we are not that hot, sadly.

I’m going to give The Proposal three tiaras just for that, wholly aside from Ryan being naked, and because Sandra Bullock is older than me and she had the guts to be naked in this movie. That takes some ovaries. I truly do love her.

Plus no woman has diarrhea in The Proposal. I want to reward Hollywood for this. It’s a small step in the right direction, but it’s a step.

We won’t talk about the giving-the-dog-to-the-eagle thing, because it turned out all right.

PS If Ryan Reynolds and ScarJo have a baby, will its beauty create a black hole from which only Nicolas Cage can save us? I think so.

More later.

Much love,


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