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The Incredible Hulk

I seriously did NOT want to watch The Incredible Hulk. The Incredible Hulk is so stupid, and also, he’s green.

GREEN! Why does he have to be green? Apparently from the gamma rays, whatever they are.

But the other night I was flicking around the channels on my TV and suddenly I was watching Ed Norton, working in a Brazilian soda factory (because that would so happen).

And since I’m going on a book tour to Brazil, I’m trying to educate myself about Brazil.

So of course I started watching it, even though I had no idea what it was.

It turned out it was The Incredible Hulk. Noooooo!

Only it wasn’t that stupid! It was actually kind of good.

I even called my friend Beth (we always alert each other to good books/movies) and was like, “Um, I’m watching The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton, and it’s kind of good.”

And she was like, “You’re drunk,” and I was like, “I wish. But it has a romance and everything.”

And so she taped it, even though she didn’t believe me, and she called me the next day, and was like, “OH MY GOD! I thought you were drunk, but it was GOOD!”

And OK, there was this big fight scene at the end that went on way too long in which the Hulk and another Hulk fight each other with chains (and for reasons neither Beth nor I can understand, Robert Downey Jr’s character from Iron Man appears for a split second at the end, but not in his Iron Man costume. Why? I still don’t know).

But the romance between Ed Norton and Liv Tyler (YES! Liv Tyler plays Ed Norton’s love interest) was really sweet. Multiple times, when Ed Norton is the Hulk, only Liv Tyler can calm him down, Beauty and the Beast style.

And he (as the big, scary Hulk) saves her from certain death.

They even tried to have sex once and he started to turn into the Hulk (because when his heart rate goes up, he turns into the Hulk…not just when he gets angry), and he was like, “We can’t do this,” and she was all, “No, it’s OK!”


Maybe in the sequel….

Surprising even myself, I have to give The Incredible Hulk starring Ed Norton and Liv Tyler two tiaras. It would have gotten three if they’d have had sex while he was the Hulk.

But then maybe it would have had problems with the ratings board.

More later.

Much love,


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