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New Books for Fall, An Excerpt…and a Giveaway!

I’ve been so busy trying to finish up my deadlines before I leave for my book tour in Brazil—and yes, Princess Diaries 10 is out now in Brazil! Check it out–I almost forgot to offer ADVANCED READER COPIES of one the two new titles I’ve got coming out this fall!

(One them is coming out the exact same day as Dan Brown’s new book! I tried to get you advanced reader copies of his new book, but he was like, “Sorry, Meg. Even I don’t have any of those.”)

Here’s the FIRST EVER sneak peek look at what you can expect from Allie in Stage Fright, along with an EXCLUSIVE link to an excerpt of the first chapter!

Allie desperately wants the lead in the school play (the part of the princess…natch), but the competition is fierce. What’s going to happen if she DOESN’T get the part? What’s Allie going to DO? What would YOU do?

Author’s note: This actually happened to me!

Since I only have a few advanced reader copies of Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls #4, Stage Fright, and it’s getting close to BACK TO SCHOOL TIME, I’m going to offer them only to librarians and teachers, since librarians and teachers are the ones out there on the front lines in the battle against illiteracy in America!

Remember, advanced reader copies are sneak peek uncorrected proofs. They have not yet been copy edited for spelling errors, etc. But I promise I’m an excellent speller and there are very few mess ups in these ARCs.

I’ll have a contest to make a limited amount of final copies available to EVERYONE after Sept. 15 when Stage Fright hits stores!

Updated 8/14: Librarians and teachers, thank you so much to all of you who entered to win a copy of this book! We’ve had so many entries that we’re a bit snowed under at the moment, so the contest is now over while we process them. Email notifications will be sent out soon to those of you who will be receiving copies. Thanks again for all your hard work, and stay tuned for the next contest, coming soon!

And don’t forget, the last of my manga titles, Hunter’s Moon, Avalon High, Coronation comes out in two weeks…September 1!

Much like Dan Brown, there are no advanced reader copies of the above book, so it’s as much a mystery to me as it is to you (and him) how it’s going to turn out!

More later.

Much love,