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Best Movie of All Time

It’s true. I watch a lot of movies. Don’t we all?

I’m basically looking for The Best Movie of All Time. I’ve seen a lot of really good ones (who can forget Why Me? The Leola Mae Harmon Story starring Armand Assante and Glynnis O’Connor as a brave plastic surgeon and nurse who fight to give a patient—who happens to be the nurse—lips made out of skin grafts from her naughty bits after her face is destroyed in a hit-and-run drunk driving accident? Why won’t they release this on DVD, or at least show it on Lifetime?)

But I don’t think I’ve seen The Best Movie of All Time.

The Internet can be a cruel place. Many people go on here to snark with unnecessary harshness.

But how many of us use the Internet to celebrate the things we love? Like movies that helped us escape, for a few hours, our own problems?

Picture of the real life Leola Mae Harman. Are your lips made out of skin from your naughty bits? Did your husband leave you because of this? Are you in love with your plastic surgeon? Is he Armand Assante? Then your problems probably aren’t as big as Leola Mae’s.

So I’ve decided to start cataloging those movies here (when I get a chance in between telling you about great books and other important things that might make me you happy).

I’ll be giving the movies I’ve enjoyed tiaras (like thumbs up) based on the Best Movie of All Time Approval Matrix.

Movies I’ve enjoyed must contain at least three of the following in order to qualify for Best Movie of All Time consideration:

1. Female characters
2. Romance
3. Humor
4. Nudity (always welcome, but not required)
5. Hot guys or at least funny guys or at least guys with guns
6. Action
7. Aliens/natural disasters/musical numbers
8. Animals being rescued
9. Life saving surgery
10. Amazing soundtrack/costumes

Stay tuned for the first candidate for Best Movie of all Time, coming soon.

And out of tribute for one of the Best Movies of All Time (BMOAT), Why Me?, also known as the Vagina Transplant Movie, sadly hardly ever shown anymore, I give you this:

Glynnis O’Connor (who played Leola Mae Harman in Why Me?) jumping over John Travolta as The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (another contender for BMOAT) on her horse (keep watching…it’s right after the scene where John Travolta is dancing in his bubble. Both scenes are amazing, for obvious reasons):

More later.

Much love,