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Meg Cabot Day (and Wet Mr. Darcy)

I totally forgot that today, July 31, is Meg Cabot Day (as proclaimed by the mayor of Bloomington, Indiana way back on July 31, 2004)!

How did you spend Meg Cabot Day? The preferred way to spend it is floating in a body of water, reading books.

But really you can spend it any way you want. That’s the beauty of Meg Cabot Day!

I spent mine getting my hair done, along with a mani-pedi and a super relaxing massage. You can’t spend all your time writing novels and trying to keep tabs on which Real Housewives cast member choked which (although thank God my salon has wi-fi).

Anyway, just in time for Meg Cabot Day, here’s an interview I did with Teen Scene Mag.com, as well as a fun article from Publisher’s Weekly about my trip to the Betsy-Tacy conference….

…including never before seen pictures!

Like the one of me and Jenna and Katelyn, the completely adorable girls who made me this official Minnesota moose plaque:

They told me they made it while they were watching the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. Which of course makes it extra special to me.

Close up of the Minnesota moose plaque.

Close up of Wet Mr. Darcy.

Watching the A&E version of P&P is a great way to spend Meg Cabot Day. I sort of wonder if you were making a Minnesota moose plaque while watching Pride and Prejudice on Meg Cabot Day, and you fell through a time portal, would you end up at Pemberley, having an affair with Mr. Darcy?

Or would you end up in a Meg Cabot book?

Oh, never mind. I guess I’m thinking about something else.

Thanks, Jenna and Katelyn. I’ll treasure it always!

And happy Meg Cabot Day to you all!

More later.

Much love,


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