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Be Princessy

I totally forgot that, in addition to Harry Potter 6 opening today (I’ve got my tickets! I’ll be standing in line in a few hours…I’m feverish with anticipation!), today is the day of the big national Romance Writers of America conference (and literacy signing)!

So if you live in the Washington DC area, drop everything else you’ve got planned (Harry can wait…when else will you get an opportunity like this?) and go to the signing. You can click here to see which of your favorite women’s fiction, romance, paranormal/fantasy, YA, etc. authors will be there, just waiting to personally sign some books for you!

Even better, all the proceeds raised at this event will go to literacy.

So this is totally a worthy cause (you have to buy books at the signing. You can’t bring your own from home, because the point of the signing is to raise money for charity)!

How awesome is that? Basically every top women’s fiction writer in the industry will be at this signing….

…except those of us who are too busy working on our new books to go (I’m also heading out to Minnesota for a book signing this weekend, and for a different conference).

And if you don’t know what that conference is, well, then click here!

I love Betsy! (And, along with Anna Quindlen and mystery writer Laura Lippman, I’ve written the foreword to some new editions of her books coming out this Fall….)

Anyway, if you’re an author attending RWA this year, here’s my list of Author Do’s and Don’t’s for tonight’s Literacy Signing. Please, please, please, authors….don’t act like weirdos at RWA this year: Leave your spirit guides at home.

I have one addition to the Do’s and Don’ts List for Authors:

If you, your author friends, your agent, or your editor plan on saying some not very nice things about another author, DON’T do it in front of people like limo drivers, bartenders, waitresses, and hotel maids.

It’s a small world, and EVERYONE LOVES GOSSIP. Not just reading it on the Internet (although believe me, I get forwarded that stuff about me, too). Just because they’re in a uniform doesn’t mean they don’t have ears.

And sometimes, they’re fans of the author you’re putting down, or their kid is.

Those limo drivers, bartenders, waitresses, and hotel maids WILL tell the author what you said about them when they meet her later on…I know this from experience.

And yes, it did hurt my feelings a little, especially since I didn’t even know you.

So think before you speak, ladies. Let’s all try to act like princesses. It’s not just nice…it’s professional!

Okay, well, I gotta go now! Harry is waiting!

More later.

Much love,