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Internet, I Can’t Quit You

I seriously tried to quit the Internet this past weekend because there was just too much news. I couldn’t take it!

However, as you can see, I’m back.

Internet, you’ve won. I can’t quit you.

But this doesn’t mean I like you as much as I used to. You’re like that boyfriend who cats around behind my back, then lies and says you’re “just friends” with that other girl, even though all my friends TOTALLY saw you making out with her behind the Orange Julius at the mall.

But you’re such a good kisser I don’t care. Dang you, Internet!

I mean, Ed McMahon passing away wasn’t much of a stretch, and Farah Fawcett, while really sad (I love her. Extremities is seriously one of my favorite movies ever), wasn’t unexpected.

But poor Michael Jackson!

While it’s true Michael’s personal life seemed a bit odd, that doesn’t negate the fact that he was extremely talented, brought a lot of joy to people, and was an inspiration to many. My younger brothers played with a Michael Jackson (and O.J….let’s be honest…) doll as little kids, had all of Michael Jackson’s albums, and one of them even read Michael Jackson’s biography….

…which was kind of amazing, because neither of them were big readers growing up.

Michael Jackson was hugely influential in my house, as I imagine he was in many homes. I would still have my tape of Bad except that one of my brothers left it on the carport roof when we were sun tanning and it melted. I am not naming names, except that it was MATT.

Anyway, just as we were coming to terms with the loss of Michael…we lost the Oxiclean guy. I realize it is not nearly the same, but we were all fond of the Oxiclean guy. What is up with that?

And then the thing with the governor of South Carolina (who, okay, isn’t dead, but those emails. Santa Maria)! And then Billy Bob Thornton’s daughter’s baby! Not to mention, you know, the elections in Iran….

And don’t even get me started on those crazy housewives.

Honestly, at a certain point, it all got to be a little too much news, even for me. And I love news.

And I know there’s that little button where you can disconnect from the Internet.

But then you turn on the TV and it’s there! Or you go to the store and it’s there, right by the cash register! Or you open your mailbox, and it’s there!

You. Cannot. Escape (although I did hear there’s an island where there is no news or Internet. However, moving there seems cost prohibitive).

So that’s why there are books: You can grab one and go to the pool or the beach and just chill for a while. So rejuvenating! I did it, and I felt much better. For about five minutes.

Speaking of which, the Summer Outfit/Free book contest is over, and entries are being processed. Winners will be notified by email. We got SO MANY entries, from all over the world! I wish EVERYONE could have won, but we only have so many books. Still, I can’t wait to share the photos with you.

Few of you, however, were able to hold a candle to Adithi’s summer outfit:

YAY! Okay, she admits, this isn’t a casual summer look. But it’s still great!

While we’re sorting through your entries, you can watch the latest episode of Read Our Lips, and find out how to make the first move on a guy. We use King Arthur action figures to illustrate our point! It’s not to be missed (especially because it’s a record three minutes long!).

More later.

Much love,


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