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I Love New York…from my daybed

I am writing this from my new daybed in my office in NYC. It’s currently my favorite place on the planet.

I decided to go Moroccan after being inspired by Bethenny’s fashion show on Real Housewives of NYC, as opposed to going French Chateau style like Theresa on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

French Chateau style daybed. Juicy and delicious.

I’ll admit it was a toss up, since I was replacing my Pottery Barn couch that was sagging in the middle and covered in microwave popcorn and soda stains (and it was so old PB doesn’t even make new covers for it anymore), so anything would have been an improvement.

I’d post a picture of what I ended up with, but that would mean I’d have to get off the couch to go look for my camera, so no. Here’s something that kind of looks like it, from Sears’ “Sahara Collection,” the Garden Oasis Daybed with Netting.

I’m so mad now that mine doesn’t have netting. Mine has a trundle bed for when I have guests and lot of pillows though. The effect is kind of:

This is all possibly the result of my having a slight fever and sore throat (stupid New York weather…or swine flu, whichever). Which means I keep falling asleep on my daybed. This morning I woke up this to this quote on my homepage:

“Heidi wolfed down a rat’s tail like she was quite used to having a small piece of cartilage put in her mouth.”

NBC’s Executive Vice President of Alternative Programming Paul Telegdy to Ryan Seacrest about Heidi Montag of “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.”

Ew! That’s harsh, even for Heidi, right? It has to be true he said that because it was in The New York Post. Scandalous.

Anyway, as I read this from my daybed, I realized I moved to NYC straight out of college exactly twenty years ago this summer.

I can’t believe I just hopped on a plane from Indiana with my cat (a different cat than the one I have now), a boyfriend (a different boyfriend than the one I ended up marrying), and a dream (it was even a different dream, too! I was going to be an illustrator)!

My cat and me twenty years ago.

An illustration no one wanted to buy, crushing my dream and forcing me to get a job at NYU working in a 700 bed freshman dorm, inspiring this.

Wow, it’s weird how things change.

But New York isn’t all that different! I mean, Washington Square Park is all cleaned up and spiffy (I had to check it out as research for the next Heather Wells novel, coming soon! And by soon I mean next year because I haven’t turned it in yet, or finished writing it).

They also have lawn chairs in Times Square now.

But even the new user friendly version of New York can still chew you up and spit you out.

The thing is, you just can’t let it. You gotta spit back!

Like, when my cat died at age twenty of old age, I got Henrietta.

And when things didn’t work out with that boyfriend, I found He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog (well, admittedly, he was waiting around the whole time).

And from the ashes of my crushed illustrator dream rose a new dream (being a novelist).

And somehow, it all worked out OK. You just have to have faith and keep trying.

Henrietta in the 90s, helping me write a manuscript. Right after this was taken she bit me and ran away. But I told He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog to take the picture, quick, because someday I might be a bestseller and we’d need this picture for publicity purposes (not).

Anyway, a lot of you have written to ask when Being Nikki (still going strong on the NY Times BSL! Thank you all!) is going to be available on Kindle (it’s already available as an audio book).

Many of my books aren’t out on Kindle yet, but they should be soon!

I myself do not own a Kindle. I understand that a lot of people love them and I can see why (I’ve held one and played around with it, and they’re really cool).

But I’m a bathtub reader, and you could see how water and a Kindle wouldn’t mix.

Plus, I love how books smell. That’s a big part of the reading experience for me. I freak out a lot over how things smell and it frustrates HWSNBNITB because sometimes I have to change tables in restaurants or even leave a place if it smells weird or if someone is wearing too much perfume or aftershave (perfume and aftershave are migraine triggers for me. So I appreciate it when people don’t pour on the cologne. Although I love a little perfume, I don’t wear any out of respect for people who have worse allergic reactions to it than mine).

Books, however, always smell GREAT to me. Too bad they can’t make book-scented Kindles.

Oh, wait…they already have.

Finally, I was trying to think of ways to entertain bed ridden people (without making them laugh too much, because it hurts to laugh when your throat hurts or you’ve had surgery or whatever), so I put together a bunch of links someone who wasn’t feeling so hot and who was stuck in bed (such as, a Moroccan daybed) might be entertained by.

You might have seen all of these already, but I’m not sure everyone has:

Take on Me Literal Version. Just what it says it is.

Charlie Bit Me. Two brothers seem adorable. Then not so much.

Evolution of Dance. A guy takes us through all the dance crazes of modern history, to hilarious effect.

Post Secret. People post their innermost secrets, some hilarious, some sad.

Dear Prudence. Modern advice columnist, with some often funny videos. Agree with her advice or not, the problems people have are fascinating.

Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Version. What it says.

Cute Overload. Fuzzy adorable animals.

And finally, of course, if you haven’t seen the Three Moon Wolf music video, it’s really time.

If you don’t know what all the fuss is about concerning the Three Moon Wolf Tee then go here first and read all the user comments.

(And all I can say is that if you didn’t know about the Three Moon Wolf Tee, you probably don’t know about the 99 Things On The Internet You Must See Before You Die or Whatever, either. This one is my fave. Watch out though, it’s NSFW and PG-13).

Anyway, it’s okay, because now you know, so it’s all good.

Coming soon: The report on my upcoming trip to Brazil, with additional cities besides Rio!

Here are all the new Brazilian Mediator covers! I am speechless with their resplendence. In fact, I’ve had to take to my daybed.

More later.

Much love,


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