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The One Where Nikki Makes Out With…???

Check it out! Here’s the latest video in my Being Nikki Walking Tour of New York City!

It’s the building where Nikki/Em and Lulu live!

It’s the old Police Building on 240 Centre Street, between Broome and Grand Streets. Yes, it’s a real building, and people actually live there (including Nikki). I love it because:

a) It really was once a police building (the one where I’m pretty sure the hero works in Victoria Thompson’s romantic Gaslight Mystery series, which I love), and

b) I think it’s a pretty building, and it would be cool to live there.

But since I can’t afford it, I get to live there vicariously, through my characters….

…not that Em likes it as much as I would!

I guess it’s true she’s found out her employer has the whole place bugged and is spying on her.

But in Being Nikki her roommate throws a pretty awesome party there…

…and something super romantic happens to Em in the bedroom during that party!

(FYI, a 2-bedroom co-op like Nikki’s starts at $3,495,000.00!

The policemen in Victoria Thompson’s series would keel over if they ever heard that’s how much their old jail spaces were going for.)

More later.

Much love,


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