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Read Our Lips #5, In Which We Ask For YOUR Help!

Would I ever leave you without something to read/watch over the weekend?

Of course not!

I’m answering reader questions about writing over at seventeen.com this month in honor of Being Nikki being out on Tuesday (and some readers have already gotten their hands on copies, so it’s in some stores NOW)!

And if you’re interested in the audio version, I just got my author copies in the mail! You can get yours here (available on Recorded Books)!

And once again, here’s this week’s episode of Read Our Lips, in which Michele Jaffe and I tackle tough issues we all deal with every day, such as, “I really like to eat…maybe too much…help!” (who doesn’t? Mmmm, Cheetos), and “I really like this boy, but so does my best friend…help!” (hello, been there, loved that same boy).

As an added bonus, this time Michele asks for YOUR help with an intimate personal problem! Please weigh in, before she makes a serious mistake (or not, depending on your opinion).


More later.

Much love,


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