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Boys Who Act Like Butts

It’s that weekend! Officially the first weekend of summer, the one where you go into your closet to get last year’s shorts, pull them on, and…they don’t fit.

Or if they do, you look in the mirror and freak out because:

a) you’re so pale you look like Edward Cullen (and not in a good way) or

b) somehow in the past year you’ve developed knee cellulite.

If either of these things happened to you this weekend, welcome to my world!

I hope these things didn’t happen to you, because I know the pain and heartache and drive to eat jumbo bags of Skittles they can cause.

But if they did, I have these suggested cures:

1. Buy new shorts. Donate the old ones to Good Will. Some tiny woman will appreciate them.


2. Buy some Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer (with Glow Perfecting Complex in it). Your legs will look great in no time, with no mess.


3. Watch the latest Read Our Lips video from me and Michele!

True, we don’t address these exact issues.

But we do talk about what to do if you’re shy, and also about guys who sometimes act like big butts, and what to do with them.

Hint: Be sure to watch all the way until the end of the video for the sure-to-be-a-hit, all-original “Big Butt Song” by our director, editor, and cameraman, Brian, father of a teenage girl (and two boys). It’s my new favorite song. I couldn’t stop laughing when I first heard it (which was the first time I played this fully edited video. It was quite a surprise). Thanks, Brian!


More later.

Much love,


PS Princess Mia finally updated her blog today, too! I know, it’s been forever (it’s like she thinks she’s a princess or something). Find out what she, her family, and her friends are up to this summer!