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Sweet Sixteen

Happy April Fool’s Day (also happy wedding anniversary for those of you who got married on April 1st, which, hello, I did)!

And so, of course, I’m headed for Texas (no joke).

I can’t wait! I’m going to be in the Houston area, where I once spent a summer when I was in college. It’s one of my favorite places. The Galleria! The Menil Museum! The vintage clothing shops….

OK, I know there probably aren’t a lot of those anymore…but I got some great finds back in the day!

Not actual vintage clothing of mine…I wish.

So hopefully I’ll see you at TLA (the Texas Library Association Annual Conference) and my signing at the Blue Willow Bookshop! Here are the events where we’ll (hopefully) be able to meet up:

Thursday, April 2

I’ll be signing in the Scholastic Book Fair area at the conference from 2PM-4PM, Aisle #5 at the George Brown Convention Center. (This event is only open to TLA conference attendees. Wear your badge! I’ll have mine on so you’ll be able to recognize me!)

Then, later that evening, I’ll be at the Joint Publisher’s Reception at the Crowne Plaza Bluebonnet Ballroom, 1700 Smith Street from 6:00-7:30 (this event is also only open to conference attendees. Look for me! I don’t know what I’ll be wearing yet but I guarantee I’ll have my badge on so you’ll be able to find me)!

Friday, April 3

I’ll be speaking for 20 minutes and then taking questions in Assembly Room A of the George Brown Convention Center from 10AM until 11:50AM. Wear your badge so we can find each other!

That afternoon, I have my book signing at the Blue Willow Bookshop (14532 Memorial Drive (at Dairy Ashford)-Houston) at 4:30PM. This event is open to the public! Everyone is welcome to attend! I hope I’ll see you all there! No need for badges!

Saturday I’ll be coming home. Yes, it’s a whirlwind trip!

I’ll actually miss spending my 16th wedding anniversary, April 1, with my husband. I think this is like the 6th wedding anniversary in a row we’ve been apart.

But we working girls can’t always be around for the important holidays. We’ve got to work. Work it, girl. Sashay, shante!

If you’ve read my book Every Boy’s Got One you’ve actually gotten pretty much the whole story of my wedding.

(In case you’re wondering, what every boy’s got is a heart, not what you might be thinking, you cheeky monkey!)

Like the characters in this novel, He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog and I eloped to Italy, and tried to get married on April’s Fool Day (because only fools fall in love—or so says HWSNBNITB).

Here I am talking about why we eloped. There are some wedding photos included:

It was a memorable day, and the Italians were very nice to us once they got over their suspicion that we were trying to play an elaborate American April Fool’s Day prank on them (we were not).

I’m pretty sure we are really even legally married (although they spelled my name wrong on our marriage certificate).

Anyway, I really hope I’ll see some of you in Texas! We have a lot to talk about:

–What’s going on with the Countess from Real Housewives of NYC (she and the Count are separated! Scandal!)

–The entrance to Narnia being discovered in a wardrobe of the dorm where I used to work at NYU (Hint: I knew it was there all along).

–And of course, the AMAZING debut of No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency on HBO, which I LOVED (“traditionally built ladies” unite)!

Oh, and books and writing, of course!

And I hope you’ll all continue to send us your advice questions for Read Our Lips!

The next vlog will be up Friday (fingers crossed), and we hope to have episodes up every Friday for the next few weeks.

We’ve gotten a lot of new advice questions, and we’re going to get to them all, but please keep in mind the format: Your chances of having your problem addressed are much greater if you can break your problem down into two or three short sentences, like the amazing ladies in our first video.

Because we have to scroll your question on the screen.
So the shorter you can make it,
the easier it is
for people (and us)
to read.


So break it down, peeps!

And for all you working girls, this one’s for you..

More later.

Much love,


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