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Read Our Lips #2: Boys You Hate, and Michele’s Ugg Prejudice

I had the most amazing time at TLA (the Texas Library Association conference) and at my signing at the Blue Willow Book Shop! Seriously, it was so fun.

Although I must admit, I’m exhausted. I’m crashed in my hotel room right now, barely able to move, listening to Vampire Weekend and eating M&Ms given to me by the amazing Meghan and Claire and their awesome mom (who probably isn’t expecting to have this blog linked to)!

I can’t even tell you how many incredible librarians I’ve met here in Houston (one of them taught me how to say naughty things in sign language, a skill I plan on casually utilizing often in all sorts of situations. You can’t even imagine).

So guess who I finally got to meet? Scott Westerfield and Justine Larbalestier! And I got to hang out with Ally Carter! And I chatted up the Readergirlz; briefly glimpsed Cassandra Clare
in passing; heard about John Green’s sinus infection from the man himself (take it from someone who lived there for 22 years: Indiana in the springtime can be problematic); gushed over “Impossible” to Nancy Werlin herself; and discussed mancations with Walter Dean Myers (I am pro. Walter seems undecided).

I know—I’m leaving out a lot, like how my driver told me he’d just picked up “that Playboy lady” (Gloria Steinem)—but I’m sure you’re getting the picture. Amazingly talented authors, incredibly dedicated librarians, one awesome conference, and a book signing that kicked butt!


And now I have to go pack for my return trip tomorrow…

…and of course add to my nutritious supper by eating some of the cowboy-hat shaped chocolates with which the lovely ladies of TLA gifted me.

But so as not to leave you unoccupied, may I present you with the second episode of Read Our Lips, my advice vlog with author Michele Jaffe?

In this episode, we discuss hard-hitting issues such as what to do when a boy you hate asks you out, and how you shouldn’t panic just because you don’t know what you love.


More later.

Much love,


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