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Fun ‘n Flu

Okay…don’t lie: How many of you woke up today convinced you had swine flu?

(Hand raised.)

What it is it about international pandemics that brings out the total hypocondriacs in (some of) us? Seriously, I woke up with a pounding head and burning eyes and was like, “This is it. I’m dying.”

I didn’t even think it might have been the fact that He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog and I decided to play International Pandemic until way after midnight last night, and that might be contributing to my state of well being (plus, the Fed Ex guy knocking VERY LOUDLY on the door before nine AM this morning).

What? You haven’t played International Pandemic? It’s SO FUN.

Okay, here is what you need to play it (and I am totally not making light of the situation or that people have gotten very ill and some of them have even died. I’m just saying that when there’s an international crisis you have to be prepared. And here’s what you need to do it properly):

One Friend or Loved One
One super fluffy duvet (also known as a comforter)
One big couch or bed, placed in front of a TV
One TV
One Remote Control
One bowl of popcorn
One bag of M&Ms


Turn out all the lights.

Pour the M&Ms into the popcorn. Mix.

Get under the big duvet with your friend or loved one.

Turn on the TV to a really stupid movie, such as “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (in 3D!) starring Brendan Fraser.

Say, “It’s a pandemic! We have to stay snuggled up here watching really bad movies to be SAFE!”

Eat the popcorn until you feel sick (cocktails optional, but highly suggested if you are over 21).

Continue watching whatever dumb movie comes on next until bleary eyed.

Do not wake until Fed Ex guy bangs on door the next morning and wakes you up. Realize you probably have contracted something, either very stiff neck from having fallen asleep on the couch watching really bad movies, cavities from not having brushed your teeth the night before, or probably, swine flu.

And that’s how you play! It’s that easy!

Now I’m sitting on the couch (duvet put away) nursing a really bad headache.

Maybe that’s not really the best way to deal with an international crisis.

Anyway, my friend the epidemiologist says, “Don’t worry! We’re all going to be fine! Just show some common sense. Don’t watch 3D movies without 3D glasses like Meg.”

Here’s how you can be safe:

Wash your hands a lot.

Listen to news reports in your local area.

And for heaven’s sick, if you’re sick, stay home! (Well, go to the doctor, but not to work or to school. Don’t spread your germs!)

Now, on a non-flu related note, I finally got around to picking some winners of the Make a Writing Playlist for Meg song contest (each winner will receive a hardcover copy of Airhead in the mail)!

This was REALLY hard because about a thousand of you entered, and you all had really great girl rocker suggestions—Paramore, Lady Gaga, the Veronicas, the Ting Tings, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani…all of whom are FANTASTIC.

But I got SO MANY entries recommending the above artists, I thought we’d go with some lesser known ones.

Well, to me, anyway.

So, here are some of winning recommendations, which I chose in the order in which they were received:

Get out of the way of Princess Superstar vs Mason Perfect Exceeder. Thanks, Alison! Hilarious.

I love the The Unloveables. Thanks, Natalia! So fun!

Sweet Charlotte Sometimes! Thanks Maggie! Love her voice.

Duffy’s Mercy is quite nice to write to. Thanks, Mary. I love Duffy.

In the OH NO THEY DIDN’T category, (and don’t click this link if you are easily offended) Cobra Starship has Snakes on their Plane! Thanks Caroline.

Here’s Chelsea by Stefy. Thanks, Victoria! I love this one.

The Faders got No Sleep Tonight. Thanks, Lisa, I missed this one. Fun!

How about Jill Sobule’s When My Ship Comes in? Thanks, Jessica! I do own this one already, but it’s nice to be reminded about an awesome song that concerns making it after years of struggle. Very inspirational!

Here’s Lesley Roy’s I’m Going, Gone. I’m sure it’s quite well known, but I’d never heard it. And it was suggested by Carlee in Indiana! Go, Hoosiers!

And finally, Shayna wants you to know that Amanda Lepore thinks her hair Looks Fierce. So do the people in this video. And so do I.

Wow! So much fun music to listen to…and write to! In fact, in spite of my aches and pains, I better get back to work. Because I have Runaway, the sequel to Being Nikki due soon! Good thing I have all this new inspirational music to help me. Thanks, you guys!

More later.

Much love,