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Read Our Lips

Hey! Here’s something Michele Jaffe and I have been working on, with the help of my friends Brian and Lisa (Lisa was my first boss at Hayden Hall, the dorm I worked in at NYU. You won’t find a character based on Lisa in the Heather Wells mystery series though…at least not yet!)…

…and we did it with YOUR help, too!

Yes! We used YOUR advice questions to make “Read Our Lips,” our new advice vlog! Future episodes will air soon. We’ll try to post them on Fridays, and make every Friday “Read Our Lips Friday” here at the blog.

Michele and I did this because we get sooooo many requests for advice from readers.

And we really, really want to help.

But it’s hard to find the time to write back to all of you individually, even though we want to. Because we remember only too well what it was like in middle school and high school! It can feel lonely sometimes because it seems like everyone has a boyfriend but you. Or there can be so many mean girls. Or all your friends have deserted you. Or no one seems to understand you. Or you just feel so alone.

Well, you’re not alone! We went through it too. We remember what it was like so well that we make our living writing books about it!

So we came up with “Read Our Lips” as a way to try to help (in addition to our hilarious books, of course).

So check it out…filmed in my own apartment by my own friends (and edited by them too…Brian is the one responsible for most of the hilarious commentary), the first episode of “Read Our Lips,” our advice vlog, with many more to come!

We hope you like it!

More later.

Much love,