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It’s Slumber Party Day!

I’m getting ready for my slumber party with comedian Caroline Rhea tonight (although technically, we’re not actually sleeping over anywhere, but we’ll be wearing pajamas) and I haven’t even washed my hair yet.

Although it’s pretty exciting (not the hair part) because kids sent in their own rules and tonight they find out if their rule got picked to be read on air (or…web. Whatever).

The grand prize winner gets a free set of books and also will have their rule in Allie Finkle Book #5, which is now called BIRTHDAY BASH. Everyone who attends in person (I think there are still tickets available) gets free books and stuff….

Also of course we’re giving away a full PBTeen bedroom set (with TWO TWIN BEDS) to one lucky winner online. I’ve seen the set, and it’s AMAZING, and worth four thousand bucks.

That alone is worth tuning in for (not to mention the fun of seeing me and Caroline throwing popcorn at each other and talking about books. Especially if I haven’t washed my hair by then)!

This just in:

Anyway, I have to go get ready, but here’s a little Allie Finkle film I did with fun author Mari Mancusi (she interviewed me) for Better TV:

Also, if you are feeling depressed or lonely, may I recommend watching the “anger punch dances” from the movies Footloose/Hot Rod, conveniently captured here? I love them both dearly (perhaps the one from Hot Rod more).

Also, they are making a musical of the best 80s teen movie of all time, Heathers, and all I have to say about that is, Teenage Suicide—Don’t Do it (but please, please, please make the musical).

And now I have to go wash my hair, then eat a lot of carbs. Remember, if you want to stop by tonight, it’s at 7:30PM EST, right here!

More later.

Much love,