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Did you see it?

Were you there?

Don’t worry! If you missed it, you can go here and watch the whole thing…and register to win the bedroom set, which is SUPER CUTE, as you can see here:

(You win both beds and the bedding and the night stand and the lamp and the alarm clock and the green polk-a-dot rug which you can’t see in this photo. You don’t win the ladies sitting on the beds though.)

The event was super fun. The best part (besides getting to meet my readers at the signing afterwards, and also during the event, which is always the best part), was hanging out with Caroline Rhea, who is fantastically funny.

You know her from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and lots of other shows, but she also does adult stand up and the rehearsal we did before the live show was HILARIOUS.

I wish we could have taped that and had an R rated (well, PG 13) version of the webcast, and then the G rated version. Because Caroline is dishy. If you ever get a chance to see her stand-up, do not walk, run to see it (if you are over eighteen).

She was so fun to be interviewed by. And I would hang out with her anytime.

Both our PJs were by Nick and Nora (they make the comfiest pajamas, if you ask me) which we did NOT PLAN, we both brought them from home. I bought mine at Target (you can get them now at Target.com, $24.99. They have monkeys on them).

If you watched the webcast, you got to see my nieces, Maddy and Riley, in a taped surprise video…I knew they were up to something, but not what it was, before the show. SO CUTE (even if I am the proud auntie). I think that was the best part of the whole thing.

Also, my mom says to say Sylvia Plath won the Seventeen Magazine fiction contest WAY before she did and that she is NOT THAT OLD. So my bad.

Anyway, now that my event is over, I am having dinner tonight with RL Stine! I know, my life is so glam. Only not really because I glutened myself all week eating this wheat free cereal, only it turns out not be gluten free.

I hate complaining about this stuff but it really is hard if you’re not used to it! Like, you’re feeling OK and then you start feeling all blah and you’re like, “Did I get meningitis from the subway or something?” (if you’re me, anyway).

And days later, you’re like, “Oh. Right. It’s the CEREAL.”

And then you feel so dumb for doing it to yourself. And you sort of WISH it were meningitis so you could blame it on someone else.

I don’t know how people with life threatening allergies deal with it (like this girl I saw on the news who has to be home schooled because of the severity of her nut allergy—although she just got a “nut-sniffing dog” that alerts when there are nuts or nut residue around. So cool! I wish I had a gluten-alerting dog–or Chef Ming Tsai’s son, who is severely allergic to seven of the eight allergy triggers, causing Ming to become the national spokesman for the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network)!

Anyway, earlier today I went to Alice’s Tea Cup with a reader (hi, Allison) and we saw the fabulous cupcakes and gluteny treats they had there, and I was like…“It’s not fair!” (although Allison bought me Pinkberry to make me feel better).

But if I ate the cupcakes I would feel the way I do now…like there is a chain wrapped around my head and someone is pulling it tighter and tighter.

So, anyway….

Tomorrow I fly back to Key West to prepare for my BIG EVENT WITH JUDY BLUME ON MONDAY NIGHT!

Monday, March 16th

A Chat with Judy Blume and Meg Cabot

Friends of the Key West Library Lecture Series

Studios of Key West

600 White Street and Southard Street

For more information about this event, click

I nicknamed this event: A Chat with Judy Blume and Meg Cabot: The Write Stuff when we submitted it, but I don’t know if they’re using it (I TOTALLY hope they do. I want Judy to come in an astronaut suit but I don’t know if she will or even knows what I’m talking about).

If you’re in town, you MUST come because I am going to get Judy to spill about the project she’s working on now, which is KILLER. I’m not allowed to talk about it though. But SHE can.

Anyway, I have to go try to ungluten my face (VERY DIFFICULT since one eye is now smaller than the other thanks to gluten poisoning) in preparation for meeting with Bob Stine and his wife Jane. Maybe vodka mixed with M&Ms will do the trick.

This is what my face looks like when it’s normal. Sort of.

More later.

Much love,