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Advice, Please!

Whenever I was feeling sad because a boy had said something mean to me or dumped me or asked some other girl to the prom and not me, my mom would make me a cup of hot cocoa in a special Mary Englebreit mug we used to have that looked like this:

It had this written on the side:

“Now listen and believe me, I am not just saying this because I am your mother: You are the prettiest, nicest girl in the entire school, not to mention the brightest and if you don’t believe me just look in the mirror. I happen to know that there are dozens of young men who would give their eye teeth to go out with a wonderful girl like you. Boys are shy too, you know. Don’t you worry, someday your ship will come in….”

I think all that is the best thing a mom can say to her daughter under those or really any circumstances. So many of you write to me when boys have been mean to you, asking what you should do. I just want to make all of you a big cup of hot cocoa, put it in this mug, and say:

“He’s not good enough for you! You’re the prettiest, nicest girl in the whole world, and there are tons of nice boys out there, who won’t be mean to you! Don’t you worry, your day will come. Just put on your sparkle lip gloss and go shine!”

So, in honor of Best Friends and Drama Queens, in which Allie Finkle has some very bad friendship-related drama (it doesn’t have to do with a boy. Well, it sort of does, but peripherally. She’s only nine!), and has to go to her mother for advice, Dr. Michele Jaffe and I have decided to do a few more advice columns (like the ones we used to do way back in the olden days when this blog was first born).

So if you need advice (it doesn’t have to be about boys. It can be about friends, fashion, beauty, your changing body, school, work, whatever), email us and we’ll try to see what kind of advice we can come up with!

We can’t guarantee we’ll answer ALL of your questions, but we’ll see if we can’t get to a few of them, at least!

Due to the format, please try to ask your question in the first sentence of your email, and try to keep your email on the short side. For instance, if it takes three paragraphs to explain your problem, then get to your question, we will not be able to use your question. I know some of you have very complicated problems (believe me, I do, too. They would not fit in a Twitter, let alone this blog), but think of our poor eyes: we have a lot of questions to sort through! The shorter and more concise you can be, the better the chance of your problem being picked.

And don’t forget…

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(The webcast will be available for viewing forever if you can’t make it on Thursday, but the sweepstakes only takes place next Thursday!)

Now, hit us with your problems! We have the cocoa ready!

More later.

Much love,