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Valentine’s Day Book Give Away!

Yes! It’s that time again! February is the month of romance–which can sometimes stink, I know, if you don’t have a Valentine.

That’s why I’ll be giving away romances all month!

The books (yes, that says books, plural) I’m giving away this week are:

Tommy Sullivan Is a Freak
This the UK paperback version of Pants On Fire.

This is the UK paperback version of Jinx. It’s the same as the US version, except “color” is spelled “colour”, etc.


Ready or Not
This is the US version, in hardcover.

If you’d like any these books, all you have to do is email

Your name

Your age

Your home address (where the book should be sent)

Your first choice, second choice, and third choice of the books above (I’ll try to give your first choice, but no guarantees. They’re FREE, remember!)

The words Valentine Book Giveaway in the subject line

But wait! There’s one more thing you have to do in order to win:

I made it too easy last time, so this time I’m shaking things up a little. This time in order to win, you can’t just send in your name and address.

You must also include an original (made up by you) haiku relating to Valentine’s Day.

That’s right! In order to win one of the above books, you must write a haiku (a poem where the first line is 5 syllables, the second line is seven syllables, and the third is five syllables) somehow relating to Valentine’s Day.

Stumped for ideas?

Well, your haiku could be to your crush, telling him or her how you feel (and yet he or she still hasn’t noticed you—but don’t worry, I won’t tell!)

Or it could be about how much you hate Valentine’s Day, for the crass commercial holiday it has become.

Or it could be about how much you love Valentine’s Day, because the next day all the candy is half off (or maybe you love it for some other reason)!

Or it could be about how you don’t have a date for the Valentine’s Day dance…or that you do, but he’s a zombie…whatever you want!

I will be judging on originality, staying within the haiku parameters, and following the contest rules (it is amazing how many people don’t follow the rules and get disqualified on that basis alone).

You really just want to write the best haiku you possibly can, because the people whose haikus are MOST brilliant will qualify for the GRAND PRIZE.

What’s the GRAND PRIZE, you ask?

Well, it’s only:

Princess Diaries Volume 10, Ten Out of Ten

Yes, the UK version of Forever Princess.

So get your quills and parchment paper ready, and start writing!

The contest ends at midnight on February 14, Valentine’s Day (the end of the day on Saturday). No entries will be accepted after that.

You may enter as many times as you like, but remember, send only ONE haiku per email, and send only your BEST work. The judge (me) has limited time.

The contest is open to anyone, but please note, the books will not be autographed.

Only people whose haikus that have won will be notified–although everyone will get an autoresponse! And please don’t email me back telling me how much you dislike the autoresponse. This will automatically disqualify you. The autoresponse is there for two very good reasons: it lets you know your email has been received, and it preserves my sanity, which is in a very fragile state at the moment due to my husband’s kidney stone, all the work I have piling up, all the book conferences and signings I have to go to, most of which are not even listed on my tour page yet….

…and now how sad my assistant is going to be when she sees how many books she’s going to have to lug to the post office at the end of this contest.

Authors of winning haikus will be notified when I am finished sorting through all the entries.

Okay! That’s it for now! Have fun with your haikus!

And remember, it’s the thrill of creating something hilarious, touching, beautiful, revolting, and original that you can treasure for all time because YOU made it–not winning–that counts.

More later.

Much love,