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Royal Send Off

Happy Groundhog’s Day! I hope none of you are reliving the same day over and over like Bill Murray….

…or that if you are, it’s a really good day!

My birthday yesterday was a day I wouldn’t mind reliving over and over (well, except for the part where I ate something that had peanut sauce on it and later I felt kind of nauseous and then became convinced I had that peanut butter salmonella thing that’s going around, and so I spent six hours in bed trying not to die).

But it was OK because my friend Beth sent me Season 1 of The Wire as a birthday gift, so I had the magic healing power of Detective McNulty to soothe me. I’m actually feeling 100% better today. Thanks, Detective McNulty!

Jimmy McNulty, my new boyfriend, is the hot guy in the middle.

Thanks so much, everyone, for all the birthday wishes! I can’t believe how many of you emailed, Facebooked, carded, et cetera-ed me for my birthday. That was so sweet! Even Michael K of D Listed remembered again this year. I was so touched to be a Birthday Slut two years in a row.

I got some nice gifts, too, besides The Wire, including what HWSNBITB gave me…a snowflake necklace! Wasn’t that thoughtful? (Even though I ordered it myself with his credit card, he actually did go and sneak in a surprise card, that said, Happy 29th Birthday, from HWSNBITB, Henrietta, and Gem).

Here it is, modeled by Henrietta:

But the nicest gift of all was how many of you turned out to bid on tiaras the night before! We raised over $15,000 for NYPL teen programs! That’s fantastic, and will help so many teens (and libraries. And librarians)! Good job, everyone!

Don’t forget, this Saturday I’ll be speaking and signing in Miami at one of my favorite bookstores, Books and Books in Coral Gables, at 7PM.


So try not to miss it. I’ll be wearing my snowflake necklace in honor of the occasion.

Meanwhile, School Library Journal has already posted “A Shameless Guide to Sweet, Sexy Romance Novels for Teens and Tweens” in time for Valentine’s Day (full disclosure: one of my books is on the list).

Which reminds me: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Remember how much less stressful that day used to be when you just gave a Valentine to everyone in your class, and everyone gave you one? Well, check it out:

You can still get those kind of Valentines at Fred Flare!

(They sent me an email earlier today, telling me I need to buy this:

So I did. That’s how I heard about the Valentines.)

I love it!

Now here’s a request from the Switchblade Kittens:

“A DJ named Rodney on the Roq played All American Girl, Size 12 is Not Fat, and Drama Queen (from the new “Rebel Princess” CD) last night! It is really rare for DJs to play songs from a band not on label, so this is pretty major. So if you live in California, request songs from “Rebel Princess” at the request line (800) 520-1067.”

And if you know any other rebel DJs (or radio stations) that play indie musicians, the Kittens would be happy to send them radio edit CDs! Just let them know!

Okay, I’ve got about 40 more episodes of The Wire to watch to get back to work on my next book, so stay tuned: NEW CONTEST INFO (which means FREE BOOKS!) coming soon.

And don’t forget…Saturday, February 7, 7PM, Books and Books.

Be there for the royal send off!

More later.

Much love,


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