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Free Books—Allie Finkle 3

Yes, it’s February, the month of romance….

So naturally, I’m giving away romances here at megcabot.com!

First up:

All right, the first book I’m giving away isn’t technically a romance, but there’s kissing in it (even if the boys who get kissed don’t like it).

You so know you want an Advanced Reader Copy of ALLIE FINKLE’S RULES FOR GIRLS: Best Friends and Drama Queens (due in stores March 15).

Indie Booksellers throughout the country have already voted it one of Spring 2009’s top ten “Inspired Recommendations for Kids”

And KIRKUS says: 

Friendship and loyalty carry the day in this spirited third title of Cabot’s Rules-for-Girls series (The New Girl, 2008, etc.). Nine-year-old Allie Finkle and her troupe of four best friends (all with nicely distinctive personalities) at Pine Heights Elementary are appalled by the bossiness of a new girl from Toronto, Canada, who arrives after the winter break in much-coveted high-heeled suede boots and a T-shirt that declares “TNT: Talent Not Talk.” Cheyenne O’Malley doesn’t have time for the recess games that Allie and her pals delight in playing, but instead engineers a class-wide kissing game that demonstrates her superior maturity and throws Allie for a loop. Why would anyone want to kiss the back-of-the-class boys they all know are creepy, or even “go” with them somewhere? The irony is hilarious and touching, and the author addresses preteen agony by rendering boys and girls alike in a three-dimensional light, even Allie’s pesky younger brothers and her quirky young Uncle Jay, who suffers from a broken heart. A pleaser. (Fiction. 8-12)

Would you like an advanced reader copy* of your very own?

*Advanced reader copies are uncorrected versions of the completed book, so they do have some typos in them, but they’re basically the real book, just not copy-edited yet.

***Edited on February 5***
I’ve had about a thousand more entries so than I have ARCs, so I’m closing the contest at this time. But don’t worry, your next chance to win will be coming soon! I’ll be giving away great books all month, including Princess Diaries Ten…so stay tuned to this blog!
***Current contest closed***

And don’t forget…I’ll be speaking and signing this coming Saturday at one of my favorite bookstores, Books and Books in Coral Gables, at 7PM! Be there to say goodbye to Princess Mia!

More later.

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