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Battle in the Forbidden City

I’m in the Miami Airport American Eagle Lounge on my way to Chicago for my signings this week. It’s all fancy in here and everyone is drinking white wine and tapping on their laptops (except me, I just have sparkling water and a laptop)….

…except this one kid, obviously just getting back from vacation on the islands with his parents (tell tale give away: his blonde hair is in cornrows) who just got on his cell and is having the following conversation with his friend on the other end:

“What up dude.”

(friend’s response unintelligible)

“Yo I’m in Miami Airport on my way home. Where you been?”

(friend’s response unintelligible)

“China, dog? No s***? Did you go to the Great Wall?”

(friend’s response unintelligible)

“Forbidden City, man? Yo that’s the s***! “

(friend’s response unintelligible)

“Did you battle?”

(Either this kid’s friend is a member of a secret army or he is talking about his friend’s breakdancing crew, battling it out with a rival breakdancing crew at the Forbidden City, in which case, WHERE IS THE YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THIS?)

“No way. That is mad cool.”

(friend’s response unintelligible. Also very long. Kid on the phone is highly envious and impressed. Clearly the battle at the Forbidden City went well. During the conversation the kid’s parents continue to sip their white wine and read the Wall Street Journal, totally ignoring their son.)

“Yeah, I’ll be in at like 4. Call me.”

(friend’s response unintelligible)

“Peace bro. Out.”

I am so jealous! I want to see a breakdancing battle in the Forbidden City!

Anyway, I am really mad because I also missed Real Housewives of NYC last night (it was on at like midnight or something). But I’ll catch it next Tuesday when it’s on at a normal time.

I’ve also apparently been missing Toddlers and Tiaras which unbeknownst to me is a series! Who knew? You can read recaps on Jezebel.com though.

I am however almost done with Season Two of The Wire, the best television show ever made, after Buffy The Vampire Slayer. McNulty is my new boyfriend. Or Omar. I can’t decide (Omar doesn’t like girls, so maybe we can just be friends).

Now the corn-rowed vacation kid is having a much softer conversation that he clearly doesn’t care to have his parents overhear with someone I believe is of the female persuasion.

Anyway, I hope I’ll be seeing some of you tomorrow night at Anderson’s at 6PM!

Oh, and look for me on Chicago ABC news tomorrow morning at around 11:20, and in some schools in Wheaton and Hinsdale on Friday! Maybe even YOURS!

Ooops, they’re calling my flight! Gotta go….

More later.

Much love,