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Allie Finkle 3 Sneak Peek

I’m writing this from a location of mystery. Yes, I’ve gone rogue! The plane I took from Chicago to Miami was late, thanks to de-icing (but de-icing is good…we like de-icing), so I missed my connecting flight to Key West.

Then the airline tried to put me in a shuttle with a bunch of other people to a motel that did not have wi-fi (or HBO)!

How can I live without cable? Or Twitter without wi-fi? (Note: I don’t have an Ethernet port on my MacAir and I didn’t bring the extension thingie to plug it in…whatever it’s called, I’ve been up since reeeally early, I’m so tired).

So I ran from the shuttle! Like that guy in that movie the title of which I forget, but it had Meryl Streep in it, only she was dead, and they were going to their next lives in shuttles. I ran without my suitcase (they wouldn’t give it to me)! I don’t have a change of clothes or my makeup or a toothbrush or my Cetaphil or anything!

I’m going to look GREAT when I finally do get my plane and see He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog tomorrow!

But anyway, I had such a blast in Illinois (if you’ve been following my Twitter page, you know all about it). Not only did I get to meet a lot of fabulous readers at my Anderson’s signing, and the various luncheons and breakfasts I attended, but also at the Monroe Middle School and the Monroe Elementary School (hi, you guys! Yes, I’m talking to YOU), when I did author talks!

But for those of you who missed them…here’s a SNEAK PEEK! Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

Today before my flight fiasco I attended a big author breakfast for librarians and educators, and had to speak in front of about 600 people, who braved the snow to see me, author/illustrator Steven Kellogg, author Sharon Draper, and Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary speak (and, in Peter’s case, sing).

It’s always a bit scary speaking in front of that many people (a few times I’ve had to speak in front of even more people).

But this time I also had a PowerPoint Presentation (which I’ve been perfecting over the past few days). Thankfully I didn’t hit any wrong buttons, for once.

Here’s a photo from the Powerpoint of me working in my glasses! I rarely allow myself to be photographed in my reading glasses, even though I’ve had them for 20 years. Because my nose sweats in them. Sometimes I wear a napkin between my nose and my glasses.

My reception in the Midwest was super warm (the opposite of the weather). There are way too many people for me to thank here for showing me such hospitality, but Anderson’s Books would probably be a good place to start.

Thanks too to Nicole Lee for the gorgeous necklace and gluten free goodies she brought me at my signing; to Colleen K for the incredible hand-knitted (and lusciously scented) goodies; and to Marie D. for the gorgeous package also containing hand-knitted goodies (my frozen toes thank you). You guys are too great!

Thanks also to Lauren, Adrienne, and Jess for the drawing of Hardcore Boris (I’ll try to scan it soon, you all HAVE to see it, it’s too funny).

And how can I forget Amber, Lindsay, Jennifer, and Jill, the coolest readers around, who gave me a Barbie dressed (and coifed) like ME? (Photo to follow—when I get my luggage back, where your note is, too, I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I hope I got your names right!!!!). You ladies are too funny (and creative).

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone….

I don’t want to brag, but I think my readers are the funniest, most imaginative readers in the world. I’m just saying.

And when I’m stuck in strange hotels with no luggage (even nice hotels, with wi-fi), I always have them to cheer me up. It’s so great!

So thanks a lot….I love you all!

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a video made by reader PrincessPrettyKitty, to the Switchblade Kittens song “Sneaky Sock Eater” (aka Fat Louie) from their CD REBEL PRINCESS, starring her own kitty (who at first I thought was a stuffed cat, but is actually REAL):

More later.

Much love,