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Pub Day!

Forever Princess and Ransom My Heart are out today! (I know a ton of you have found them in stores already…but today’s the “official” pub date! They should be available EVERYWHERE now!)

I’ve spent all day in a tiny TV studio, talking to news journalists I can’t see from all around the country! Maybe I’ll be on a newscast near you! Right now I’m in a Starbucks on Sixth Avenue in New York City, typing this…and I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been getting so many compliments!

No, not because my picture accompanied the four star review (sorry—I am still in shock about it) of Forever Princess and Ransom My Heart in this week’s People magazine (be sure to grab a copy…it’s the double issue dated Jan. 12 with three ladies on the cover who lost a combined 437 pounds) and people here in Starbucks are recognizing me.

No, actually, it’s because everyone seems to love my new shoes….

I know! So cute, right? Betsey Johnson! Zappos.com! On sale, even! And believe it or not, they’re totally comfortable. OK, full disclosure: they’re not that great for running to catch a connecting flight. Especially while dragging a roller bag and lugging a winter coat. Miami International Airport, I now hate you even more than I hate the Atlanta Airport. And I once threw up in a ladies room at the Atlanta Airport due to having contracted the norovirus. So that is saying a lot. At least the Atlanta Airport has a cute little monorail between it’s concourses. What is your excuse, MIA?

Oh, and good thing I ran, because they took my plane to NYC out of service and spent four hours trying to find a new one before just fixing the old one and getting us to NYC six hours late!

But let’s look on the bright side. The same day the 4 star review appeared, Forever Princess also got a big shout out in USA Today!

Yeah! Fun news stories about Mia and the tiara auction and Friday’s event are popping up all over the place! There’s a GREAT one in this paper too!

And this one!

And this one!

But all anybody is coming up to me to say is: “I love your shoes!”

Not, “Hey, is that you in People?”

Shucks. My opportunity to be a big time celebrity, foiled again. Oh, well.

Anyway, if you want to hear me read from a chapter of Forever Princess (over the phone), check out this link. Good times! (It was over the phone from my closet, so sorry if it’s a bit muffled.)

In even better news (well, for me…I am trying to cheer myself up because when I got to Manhattan, I found out the wi-fi in my apartment isn’t working, so I can only go online in Internet cafes…Curse you, Time Warner Cable! And if you’ve written me an email, now you know why I haven’t written back. There are 5,691 emails in my inbox right now), Queen of Babble Gets Hitched was named Best Romance of 2008 by the West Virginia Parkersburg News and Sentinel! Romance readers are fantastic!

Which reminds me…did you know all my “Boy” email novels have gotten a facelift? They were re-released yesterday with all new covers! Check for them in your local bookstores with THESE brand spanking new looks (and if you don’t see them, ask for the “reprint” edition to be ordered and held for you):

Pretty, right?

Okay, guess what? My battery is dying. So I have to post this now! I just want to say, in spite of it all (including the fact that it is STARTING TO SNOW….): I LOVE NEW YORK!

PS OK, full disclosure: My feet are freezing!


More later.

Much love,


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