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Tiaras ‘n Tweets

Oh my God, you guys. So many of you RSVP’d for my NYPL event, it’s already sold out (and we haven’t even sent out the snail mail invitations we had printed up)!

I guess word got out via Sarah Dessen’s blog about a certain celebrity emcee who will be in attendance….or are you all just coming to see me and the Switchblade Kittens? (Or maybe it’s the Vera Wang gifts bags?)

But don’t worry, there’ll be a waiting list, and I’m sure we’ll get lots of people who won’t be able to make it at the last minute. So get those RSVPs in quick (and if you do plan on coming, get there early if you want a seat…the room only holds 500)!

It’s really awesome that so many of you are psyched about this event, and I hope you’re as psyched about the auction, because libraries REALLY need our help right now, with library use up over 30% in most places, but funding slashed, as my boyfriend Brian Williams explains in this video from last night’s evening newscast.

Oh, Brian! You love libraries as much as I do! I should have asked HIM to make a tiara!

Anyway, for those of you who’ve emailed me with your regrets about the event, don’t worry, we’re adding two more stops, one at the Lake Grove Barnes & Noble in Long Island the next day (2PM, Saturday, January 10…more info to come), and one at Books and Books in Miami on February 7 (again, more info to come). Sorry, the Kittens won’t be there…but I will!

In other news, Allie Finkle will be featured on The Martha Stewart Show this coming Monday (December 15) as one of the books on their Holiday Book Segment! So set your TiVo, DVR, VCR, or whatever. (Is it freakishly odd that the first thing I thought when I heard this was, “Does this mean my book might get shown on Whatever, Martha someday?” I sort of weirdly love that show.)

And now, as many of you know, I have signed up for Twitter. I haven’t made any Tweets, other than to say I’ve posted to this blog, because…well, I just don’t know what’s Tweet worthy. I mean, I’ve read other people’s Tweets, and I’ve found them highly amusing (also addicting), but…I guess I’m suffering from low Twitter self esteem. I just don’t think I do anything that seems worth posting on Twitter. I mean, what am I going to say:

“When will this book be done so I can start the cool new book I just thought of about the zombie apocalypse that I’m not contracted for?”

Please God shoot me now.

“Downloaded Britney’s new album. Love it. Why can’t I be a rock star? Only not manic depressive. Speaking of which, how much did you love Carrie Fisher on the Today Show?”

Yeah. No. Not so much.

Broccoli Kitten is not as cool as Spaghetti Cat but he sure is cute.”

True. But Tweet worthy?

“Oh my God, I read the coolest article in October’s Self magazine (I’m a little behind) about creativity. It turns out to become more creative, you should get horizontal and close your eyes (it “eliminates extraneous motor and sensory input” says a really smart scientist. “That relaxed position helps induce free-floating creative thought….”) This is awesome, because I love being horizontal! In fact, I do it all day!”

While this does explain everything about why sitting at a desk never really worked for me, is it worth Tweeting? No.

“Don’t forget to Vote Now for Dr. Horrible and Kath and Kim (not that I’m telling you who to vote for, except for the part where I am) in the People’s Choice Awards. It wouldn’t hurt if you voted for these guys, either.”

Seriously. I just don’t know if I’m responsible enough to Tweet. Kind of like driving.

Here are a couple things that would be Tweet-worthy though:

Split by a Kiss by Luisa Plaja is a cute, sweet, and funny read. Fans of Louise Rennison will love it, and should be sure to put it on their Christmas wish lists!”

And this:

“Don’t miss my first ever completely homemade video (He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog was the cameraman and director). You can see it here. I’m at the very end. They cut off the best part, where I stuff Susan Juby’s Getting The Girl (another great Christmas pick) into a giant stocking. But you can still hear all the rustling! P.S. That really is our Christmas tree. Like everyone else, we’re downscaling this year. But we have icicle lights up outside!”

Okay, all those were way more than 40 characters. Tweeting is hard!

All right, time for a contest. The first person to correctly guess who decorated this tiara wins a free advanced reader copy of Ransom My Heart:

Email me at meg@megcabot.com. Don’t forget to include your name and snail mail address along with your guess. You’ll be contacted if you won. Good luck!

Edited to add later: Hint–it is NOT Julie Andrews. Sorry to the billion people who have guessed this. But it IS a woman, and she and I DO have something in common.

Edited later: No, it is not Sarah Dessen’s tiara.

Edited even later: We have a winner! And she’s from Wasilla, Alaska, of all places! No, it’s not Sarah Palin. It’s Summer H, who wrote: I’m guessing Lauren Conrad, because you have the same birthday! Summer is 100% correct, the tiara is by Lauren Conrad, who was born on February 1, just like me! Thanks for guessing, and come back soon when I’ll post another tiara…along with another clue requiring the brains of a super sleuth like Summer to solve!

More later.

Much love,