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For UK Readers Only

If you do not live in the UK, do not read this. US readers (and the rest of the world who does not live in the UK and its territories), look away. Go read Cuteoverload instead!

OK, has everyone who doesn’t live in the UK gone away? Yes? Good!

Shhhh, UK readers–Do not tell anyone from outside the UK about this:

I’ve just received word that Princess Diaries Volume Ten (called Ten Out of Ten over there) has been spotted on store shelves where you live!

This is a 100% genuine email I just received. Check it out:

Heya Meg!
i have just finished reading princess diaries 10! it was so amazing! thought you might like to know that it’s hit the shelves already over here in the uk a full 18 days early!
which i am fully grateful for because it’s been like the best xmas pressie ever and it’s not even xmas yet!
thanks! totally loved the ending. everything happened just as it should have! it was perfect!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Truthfully, I did hear a rumor that the book was going to be released early in some UK bookshops (sorry…I’m not allowed to tell you which ones…call around to your local bookstores, and they’ll tell you whether or not they’ve put out the books in time for Christmas/Hanukkah), but I didn’t know if the rumor was true.

But it is! It is truly a Chrismukkah miracle.

So look out for it, UK readers. The front cover (which is a slipcase) looks like this:

And the INSIDE the slipcase, the book looks like this:

I just got my copy in the mail, and it’s sooooo cute (and very long! Over 400 pages)!

And remember, UK readers…just because you get your copies early doesn’t mean it’s okay to reveal the ending to the rest of the world! Keep them in suspense! That way, you can feel superior.

A little taunting (such as telling overseas readers you know how it ends, but of course, not saying how) is fine, however.

And for all of you who have read this far who DON’T live in the UK—yes, I caught you–stay tuned for another Princess Diaries Ten sneak peek excerpt, coming to this blog soon!

More later.

Much love,