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State of Blue

Gah! So much has happened since I last updated this diary, I don’t know where to begin.

First of all, we have a new president elect! Yes, we DID! Is it just me or does this entire country just seem…happier? I mean, I had to get on two airplanes the day after the election (from one blue state to another!) and one of the planes was severely delayed and no one seemed to care or was in a bad mood about it or anything. In fact, everyone was joking around and even laughing about being two hours late and missing their connecting flights. When does THAT every happen?

Anyway, here is a shot of our new leader, sprinting into action.

Go, Barack, go!

I am way excited about there being little girls in the White House (and a puppy). Malia Obama mentioned being stoked about getting to decorate her new White House bedroom. I think there should be a new HGTV show about this! I would so watch it (whatever, I watched My Fake Baby about women who collect fake babies and also My Shocking Story about a woman with a giant foot the other night. I’ll watch anything).

Reader Karen wrote to me to point out this Princess bed:

And I think it would be perfect for each of the Obama girls (however, at $47,000, it is unlikely they’re going to get it).

And guess who came to the Scholastic store to read from Allie Finkle’s rules for girls? Miranda Cosgrove, from iCarly!

Here’s a blog with a video of her performance so you can actually watch it! Isn’t she pretty?

I’m actually in Indiana right now, getting ready for my big Distinguished Alumni Award banquet. There’s lots to do. I have press stuff all afternoon, and I haven’t memorized my speech for tonight yet. D’oh!

Meanwhile, our barnhouse here is infested with Asian lady beetles. So I’m spending all my free time dustbusting bugs. Gross. They look like ladybugs but they aren’t. I hate them. They’re on EVERYTHING. Why must all bugs persecute me so? WHY????

Finally, the excerpts for Forever Princess and Ransom My Heart are UP! Go check them out!

Sorry for the typos, this was written in haste. And now I gotta run like our president elect. Only sadly when I run, I don’t look as cool.

More later.

Much love,