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Quick Update

Do you like Miranda Cosgrove (she plays Megan in Josh and Drake, Carly on iCarly, and was Summer, the bossy girl in School of Rock)?

Of course you like her! Who doesn’t?

Well, on Wednesday, November 5, at 4:00, Miranda will be at the Scholastic Store in downtown Manhattan to read aloud from her favorite Scholastic book…none other than ALLIE FINKLE! She’ll be posing for a photo op after the reading.

Don’t let Miranda read to an empty store! Go listen to her!

Things are always fun at the Scholastic Store

I wish I could be there myself, but I’ll be on my way to Indiana for my alumni award banquet.

I hope those of you who do go to Miranda’s event will tell her hi from me!

And now we just have ONE MORE DAY (seriously this time) until the Forever Princess and Ransom My Heart excerpts go up!

In the meantime, I finally remembered something that inspires me! I think it’s even actually appropriate for today!

When I used to work at NYU, my boss Jennifer (she was the head boss, so she didn’t quit every year like all my other bosses seemed to) had a poster hanging in her office. When I would get really sad and frustrated about all my rejection letters (three years worth of them, one a day, except Sundays and holidays when there was no mail), and I felt like giving up writing (or at least giving up trying to get published), I would go look at the poster in Jennifer’s office (this is the same Jennifer, by the way, I thank in the acknowledgements of all my books).

Here is what the poster, a poem by Shel Silverstein, said:

Listen to the MUSTN’TS, child

Listen to the DON’TS

Listen to the SHOULDN’TS


Listen to the NEVER HAVES

Then listen close to me –

Anything can happen, child

ANYTHING can be.

More later.

Much love,