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Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!

If you’re a typical American, today you’re either

a) traveling

b) cooking frantically

c) finishing your work so you can go home to get ready to start traveling or cooking.

If you aren’t American, you’re scratching you’re head, going “What’s Thanksgiving?”

It’s just a non-religious national holiday in America where everyone eats a WHOLE LOT. Oh, and gives thanks for what they have. The Pilgrims started it, before they gave the smallpox infected blankets to the Native Americans (see: Princess Diaries Volume III, Princess in Love for a fuller explanation).

Anyway, we here at Casa Cabot are in deep Thanksgiving mode (since it’s He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog’s favorite holiday). When you live in Key West, the southernmost point in the continental US, you generally don’t travel during the holidays. People come to see you.

This is one reason why: Fort Zachary Taylor beach.

Here is another…the cats at the Hemingway House, once in danger of being removed by federal order, all safe and sound now thanks to Purrfect Fences.

Right now HWSNBNITB is cooking up a storm, even though we don’t have houseguests this year (they’re all coming at Christmas and New Years. And every weekend after that until April). He’s currently making his favorite, cranberry relish. In case you are wondering what cranberry relish is, it’s something HWSNBNITB told me not to tell you about on pain of death when I was skulking around the kitchen just now, because it’s a secret family recipe.

But I can tell you one ingredient:

There’s much more, of course, but I want to eat it, so I don’t want to get him mad.

Anyway, I know you’re saying to yourself, “Oh, no! It’s the day before the day before Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year! I’ve got only a month until Christmas! What should I get everyone this year?”

Relax! I’ve got your back, as always. It’s so obvious! The gift to give this year is books, of course.

Why? Because books are the gift they can open again and again….

(Ha! Do you like that? I just made it up myself! At least, I think I did. If you heard it somewhere else already, DON’T TELL ME! I’m all aglow with the joy of thinking I made it up myself.)

And anyway, this year is the best year EVER to give the gift of a book, because book retailers are bending over BACKWARDS to make giving the gift of a book easy for you!

(Did I ever tell you my first “real” job was as a Christmas gift wrapper in a bookstore? It’s true! It was a total nepotism hire, my mom worked there. Unlike me, she’s an excellent wrapper).

But wait! If you should happen to choose to give a MEG CABOT book this year, and want it signed by the author, well, it’s easier than ever to get that done, as well! (I promise I won’t wrap it for you.)

Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to me at PO Box 4904, Key West, FL 33041-4904, and I’ll send you back a bookmark, flyer, and rubber princess and candy tiara bracelets (while supplies last)….

…along with a gorgeous signed book plate like this one…

(Specify number of bookplates desired. For more details or for overseas residents, click here.)

What books BESIDES mine do I recommend giving this holiday season? Those tips are coming very soon! But many readers have sent me this fun link, which, when you put in the name of an author you like, tells you the names of other authors just like her that you might like as well! (Hint: This could totally help in your holiday shopping day after tomorrow, when you buy books for all your family and friends!)

Meanwhile, I’m giving out some tips of a different kind on the NaNoWriMo website….Don’t miss my pep talk!

I can’t even tell you how many people have sent me this, because the cat in it looks exactly like Slutty McSlut A Lot (who would also do something like this).

And, just to let you know in case you missed it, apparently unhappy people watch more television. I read this with complete disbelief. WHAT? I watch a great deal of television (at least two hours or more a day), and I am not unhappy!

(Well, obviously sometimes I am, but that’s why I write all these books with the happy endings. Then I watch television. To cheer myself up!)

But wait! According to Shape Magazine, it’s OK to waste time watching trashy TV (well, sometimes)!

Phew! I feel better now.

In fact I’ve made myself a TV Playlist from iTunes. It includes the theme songs from my favorite TV shows, including Bitter:Sweet’s The Bomb from Lipstick Jungle and Scissor Sister’s Filthy Gorgeous from Kath and Kim. Celebrate your love of TV, is what I say! And the fun thing is, these songs are so upbeat, you can’t help but get up and dance to them. So you get exercise, too.

Finally, here’s another Meg Cabot video for your enjoyment. I will only say what I always say every time I see myself on screen: Why? Why did I do that to my hair?

But you know what? This Thanksgiving, I’m just grateful I have hair:

Happy Thanksgiving!

More later.

Much love,


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