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World Wide Tour Part Six, Singapore and Thailand

Guess where I am? If you guessed the place in the photo below you’d be correct. I’m actually writing this on the last day of my last stop on my world wide book tour!

I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast. Well, okay, I can. It was a lot of hard work, though it was fun to meet so many readers. I had a hard time keeping up with the blogging due to the fact that practically the only free time I had was in the car on the way to signings, or in the airports, or on the planes themselves.

Being a writer is super fun most of the time because you actually get paid to do what you love to do (write), but being on book tour isn’t easy. I’m thirteen hours off Florida time so 10AM for me now is 11PM for them! How will I ever get back to normal???

Plus, I’m pretty used to room service now. Who is going to bring me gluten-free toast and fresh squeezed orange juice? Uh, no one.

Anyway, I had a great time in Singapore.

View from my hotel room in Singapore.

When I arrived, the hotel had this Princess Bath awaiting me.

I was a little bit shocked. That’s a lot of bubbles, even for a princess to handle.

While we’re on the subject of baths, I would like to point out that He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog has alerted me that the bathroom he was remodeling back in Florida while I was gone is nowhere close to being done and I shouldn’t expect to see it being done anywhere soon.

Why does this not surprise me? Anyway, here is a bathroom I had in the hotel room in Hong Kong. I thought it was fantastic!

(although it wasn’t a whirlpool tub. I am quite a connoisseur of tubs now.)

While I was in Singapore I got chauffeured around in the city’s one and only pink taxi!

People kept trying to hail it but it was reserved only for me during my stay! That was cool.

I met a ton of fabulous readers in Singapore during many busy signings and school visits. I have no photos from my signings (but I’m getting some) so if you have any, send them my way (meg@megcabot.com).

Then it was off to Thailand. It was just my luck to arrive after a bloody battle between police and protesters outside the Parliament building where the Parliament members had to flee and now apparently the government is being run from the airport.

But you know what? You wouldn’t know it. Shopping, school, laying out by the pool, night life—life in Thailand goes on as usual. You should totally come here if you ever get a chance. Everyone is super friendly (not just to people. To dogs and cats on the street, too, always a sign of a nice country) and of course the food is fantastic, and the whole place is just an incredible mixture of modern and historic…

…traditional and today.

Plus, there are giant posters of the Thai Queen everywhere (I love her).

I am in somewhat of a traveling/jet lag brain fog now and can’t do much between signings except watch TV which is unfortunate because the only stuff on TV in my hotel room is The Karate Kid on Thai HBO and World CNN where all they will talk about is the global economic crisis.

I much prefer watching The Karate Kid to any news about the “credit crunch” as the BBC calls it, as the credit crunch news just gets worse every day and I don’t like looking at what’s happening to Iceland and my retirement fund.

Anyway, I was on the phone with HWSNBNITB last night and I was telling him what a truly excellent movie Karate Kid is, how underappreciated and universally appealing it is, and how it should be mandatory viewing for all creative writing majors.

That’s when HWSNBNITB said, “Okay. Your brain is fried.”

“No,” I said. “You don’t understand. The Karate Kid is genius. It has everything, a love story, bullies, a smart-alecky yet sensitive hero, a sports montage, an old man who lost his wife in the Japanese internment camps and who gets inappropriately drunk with a teenager….”

“Right,” HWSNBNITB said. “What do you think about spoons?”

“I love spoons,” I said. “I love them so much. They’re so round and shiny.”

“Yeah. You need to come home now.”

But he’s wrong. Watch The Karate Kid. If you want to be a writer, it’s a must see.

I had a really fantastic time here in Thailand and I definitely want to come back with HWSNBNITB on vacation.

But maybe not until after a long rest to recover from this tour.

And now I have to go to my LAST book signing.

See you there.

More later.

Much love,