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Y(ike)s! over Ike. I spent a summer in Houston once and used to go to Galveston for the delicious seafood there (and saltwater taffy). Such a beautiful island! I hope both Houston and Galveston and all the areas affected by Ike will be back on their feet soon.

But until then, we’ll have our memories of Anderson Cooper in waders and the devastatingly attractive Rob Marciano.

In other news, I have my own channel (besides YouTube)! Featuring Princess Diaries 10 spoilers! Meg TV–is that crazy or what?

Okay, so I’m freaking out a little. I leave for my tour on Tuesday and the shoes didn’t work out. You know how it is. Sometimes you see a pair of shoes and you think they’re going to change your life and they arrive and…they hurt. In fact, they turned out to be Cruel Shoes. Why does this never seem to happen to Carrie Bradshaw? (Maybe because she doesn’t buy her shoes over the Internet.)

But I’m sure I’ll find some kind of footwear (that aren’t flip flops) before I leave. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, in my non-stop effort to avoid work find news to report to you, I learned that Jimmy Kimmel dumped Sarah Silverman, and broke her heart. I may have to boycott his show now (not that I’m ever up that late).

Also–Kathy Griffin won another Emmy!

And if you missed Tina Fey’s eerily dead on imitation of Sarah Palin last night, here it is:

(and if SNL takes the link down, as they tend do, you can read a transcript here.)

A lot of people have asked if I’m voting for Sarah Palin. They seem to think I might because

a) I’m a girl, and so is she, and

b) she calls herself a feminist, and so do I, and

c) one of the first things she did when she got into office was look into banning books, and as you know, I love being banned.

And since John McCain is 72, if elected he’d be the oldest man ever to win a US presidency, so there’s a good chance he could die in office, making Sarah Palin commander-in-chief!

Let’s face it, a McCain-Palin presidency would be GREAT for me. I could be banned ALL THE TIME!!!

But would it be so great? I mean, with Sarah not believing global warming is caused by human activity (no need to recycle anymore, I guess!), supporting abstinence only sex education (possibly by now she’s aware this hasn’t been working out so great, though?), being against stem cell research, supporting creationism and intelligent design being taught in schools, being against a woman’s right to choose even in cases of rape and incest, and trying to keep the polar bear off the protected species list (Click here to verify where all the candidates stand on the issues), would she really be the right choice?

Actually, looking at the above list…how is she any different than the guy we have in office right now–except that she wears a skirt?

What do you guys think?

And now…the shoes I just bought instead:
Front view:

Rear view:

What do you think? More cruel shoes? I hope not! I have no time to send them back! I’m off to England on Tuesday!

In fact, blogging may be sporadic based on the state of wi-fi in my hotel/airports! I’ll try to keep you up to date. In the meantime…Cheerio!

More later.

Much love,