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Covers and a Contest

To celebrate the release of The New Girl in this country and Airhead and The New Girl in the UK, (and to distract myself from the fact that there is a Category 4 Hurricane bearing down on South Florida, and also that it’s an election year–who can write under these conditions?) I’m having a contest!

And not just an ordinary one. A “Tell Meg What You Think That Book Is” contest!

That’s right. Below you’ll find scans of covers of books I’ve recently received from my overseas publishers. And they didn’t enclose notes explaining what books they were!

The truth is, I know what some of them are–they’re kind of obvious. I just posted them for fun, because they’re so hilarious!

But some of them really are mysterious. I have no idea what they could be.

That’s where you come in! The person (or persons–there can be more than one winner) who accurately deciphers the most number of titles for me (whole titles: not just the series the book is in, which is easy, but WHICH book in that series)–or who just writes the most amusing answers–based on the covers below wins an autographed book of their choice. Anything (well, by me) you want!

Just email me with your best guesses and your snail mail address and book of your choice. You’ll be notified if you won (although if we have to evacuate for Hurricane Ike, it might be a while before you get your prize, especially since I’m leaving on my book tour in a week!).

Don’t be shy…give it a try! You never know, you might win.

Have fun! And may the force be with you.

More later.

Much love,