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I can’t believe it’s the seven year anniversary of 9/11. Every year on this day I try to post this link to the story of what that day was like for us in lower Manhattan, with He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog working across the street from the World Trade Center when the planes hit, and me at our apartment twenty blocks away wondering if he would come home alive.

It’s weird because now Jake, who spent the night at our place with his sister and parents on 9/11/01 because their apartment was nearly blown up, is thinking about college. College! Wow!

One of the colleges Jake is thinking about is my (and his parents, and HWSNBNITB’s) alma mater, Indiana University. It turns out that, according to this Wall Street Journal article, IU is one of the hot new places to go for New York City kids (but that’s not why Jake wants to go there, he’s not like the kids in this article AT ALL). Still, who knew?

So, life, for the survivors of 9/11, goes on. But I watched the memorial services this morning on CNN and as always, they made me cry.

I cheered up a little when Kevin and his crew who do our landscaping every week arrived to remove the banana tree that blew into our pool the other night. They were like the A Team! Yes, the wind from Ike finally did pick up here in the Keys (there was even a tornado but not near me) and do a tiny bit of damage–but everything here is open for business again.

But even though things are sort of back to normal here, I fear for the people of Texas, and feel very bad for the people of Cuba and ESPECIALLY for the people of Haiti. If you’re wondering how you can help, the Lambi Fund, which supports economic justice and sustainable development there, helps Haitians help themselves.

The Lambi Fund, redefining the concepts of courage and determination

Although this isn’t the most delicate of segues, I would just like to report that my shoes finally arrived. Though they are very pretty, they are going to take some getting used to if I’m going to wear them on my tour, as the heels are quite a bit higher than I expected.

Speaking of my tour, the public events for the Asia leg of my trip have finally been confirmed. Unfortunately, there are no public events planned for Singapore! I know, I am completely bummed about that! I won’t even try to hazard an explanation for why this might be so because none has been given to me. Maybe this will still change. In any case, the schedule right now is:

Asia Public Events

Hong Kong
4th October, Hong Kong
1600 – 1800 , “High Tea with Meg Cabot” event with Swindon Book Co. at Bradbury School
(43C Stubbs Road, Hong Kong)
Ticketed public event. 
Email: projects@swindonbooks.com 
Contact no.: +852 2524 2068

5th October, Hong Kong
1030 – 1200, Event with Bookazine at Grappa’s Cellar (restaurant)
Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong
Ticketed public event. Followed by signing.
Mothers and daughters event. Event contact: enquiries@bookazine.com.hk 
Contact no.: +852 2524 0218

8th October, Bangkok
1500 – 1700, B2S Bookstore, Central World 
Event enquiry: sw@deliveringasia.com

10th October, Bangkok
1630 – 1800, Book signing at Kinokuniya Bookstore (Siam Paragon)
Event enquiry: sw@deliveringasia.com

In between these events, I’m doing tons of media and school visits. So don’t think I’m slacking off on my days off, or riding around on elephants or jetting off to Phuket. There will be none of that, alas.

Anyway, I just had to post a link to Jen Weiner’s recent advice to writers. Too funny…and true.

And since people are always asking me what I’m reading, here’s a funny middle grade book I read not long ago that actually would be appropriate and useful for readers of all ages–Boys are Dogs by Leslie Margolies.

When the heroine gets her own puppy to train, she finds that the dog training techniques she learns actually work on the boys who are tormenting her at school. I’ve tried them out here at home and guess what? They do work. Highly recommended!

And now I have to repack because I did such a terrible job, my suitcase won’t close. I told you I needed help! But it’s more serious than I thought. I might need to bring in the big guns.

More later.

Much love,