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The Horror

We finally have photographic proof of the heinous criminal behavior enacted on our property over a week ago!

View the shocking truth and share the horror. As you can see, the evidence is clear: Someone—or something–threw themselves upon the striped chair in an aggressive and/or gaily madcap manner while running wildly through the house in the middle of the night….

…breaking the dining room window.

After a brief investigation, and ruling out all other parties in the home at the time, who were asleep, the guilty party was captured and brought to justice:

Note her expression, which alone should prove her guilt (she’s only sorry to have been caught)!

Punishment was soon determined and swiftly dealt:

Banishment until the glass was cleaned up.

(Note that she’s trying to use mental telepathy to make us let her back in: “You…are…under…my…control. Let me in…now!”)

However, as you can see, the perpetrator harbors no remorse whatsoever, and minutes later was having a fine old time:

Chance of recidivism is considered likely to be high (the chair has been removed, just in case).

I’m not sure if Allie Finkle knows what she’s getting herself into, bringing a kitten into her home! If you want to read about it (there’s a class bully Allie has to deal with, in addition to the kitten…it’s not ALL fun and games for Allie), The New Girl should be in bookstores everywhere tomorrow (I found this amazing independent bookstore locater online), and is now available to order online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

And here’s a cute review!

Now I have to go move some more furniture away from the windows, in case Slutty McSlut-Slut-A-Lot gets midnight madness again.

More later.

Much love,