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It’s here! The New Girl is in stores at last! And to celebrate Allie finally getting her kitten (maybe), Scholastic has created some adorable virtual pets just for you:

Just go here and you can pick your own cute puppy or kitten, name it, and give it cute toys and baths, and pet it all you want (virtually, of course). What could be more fun (besides reading the book, of course)?

Other Announcements:
–The Teen Second Life chat that was planned for tomorrow, August 8, at 4PM, has been post-poned. I’ll let you know as soon as I have the new date!

Paris Hilton is running for President.

–Over here at Casa Cabot, we’re trying to get ready to go on “vacation.” If you’ve read about any of my past vacations you’ll know I share author Maureen Johnson’s feelings on the subject of vacations (what, exactly, are you supposed to do during them? Coupled with…bother? Not to be a pessimist, but don’t they almost always end in disaster?)

I’m particularly nervous about this one. Why? Because I’ve never been to the place where we’re going to before, which is

1. in super northern Maine

2. on an island

3. where the Internet is sketchy

4. and there may not be cable

5. and there may possibly be a lot of deer, and therefore, deer ticks

6. and there is no CVS

7. and it’s near my mother’s boyfriend’s vacation cottage.

Yeah. I’m sure it will be fine though!

So, while I will continue to try to post while we’re there, I’m just warning you, it might be hard, what with the sketchy Internet thing and the ticks and the beautiful ocean sunsets and all.

So, anyway. I have to figure out what people do on vacation. I’ve read about vacations and seen them on TV and here are the results of my research.

Here are the things I will do on vacation:

1. Take pleasant bike rides, preferable along flat, non-hilly areas.

2. Sit on the beach, careful not to go too near the water.

3. Eat at pleasant places.

4. Enjoy nice talks with people, possibly in front of cheerful fires.

5. Recline in hammocks (sitting perfectly still on vacation is always good).

6. Read books, as long as they have a great deal of dialogue and/or dirty words in them. Magazines are good too.

7. Go to the movies as long as they don’t have sad endings.

8. Drive around, especially if I am driving, even though I am not yet a licensed driver. However, I am excellent at driving despite what people say. Possibly it will be easier for me to get a license in Maine than in Florida.

Here are things I categorically will not do on vacation:

1. Play any kind of game except Pictionary (at which I am completely excellent), or card game except Spoon (at which, ditto). I do not think games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Poker, Chess, etc, all of which you frequently see people play while are on vacation are very good games. Because I suck at all those games.

2. Actually go in the ocean, unless assured there are no rip tides, sharks, etc.

3. Hike (ticks, serial killers, physical exertion, etc)

4. Eat outdoors if there are mosquitoes or ticks anywhere in the vicinity.

5. Exert myself in basically any manner.

6. Wear matching T-shirts that say Cabot Family Vacation In Progress.

If I can manage to avoid all of the above, the vacation might turn out all right. But I am, as you might imagine, justifiably nervous.

And please don’t worry about the cats while we’re gone because they’ll be kept under the watchful eyes of our professional catsitter and forced (gently) to perform daily cat calisthenics while watching Meerkat Manor in the hopes that they’ll pick up some better habits and possibly learn to earn their keep (doubtful) by catching some of the wood rats that creep around the edges of our property.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted as the vacation progresses.

More later.

Much love,