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Don’t forget, I’m doing a live chat this Sunday, July 20, at 2PM EST, right here!

I’m really bummed right now, because even though the elements have stopped attacking me (part of it might have been my fault…I like to poke this palm tree outside my bedroom window with a metal broom handle because the trunk periodically sheds its skin, but this can be very dangerous because the skin is super huge and heavy and could gravely injure a cat or husband if it falls from twenty feet in the air, so I try to help it along with a controlled fall when it turns brown and is only hanging on by a few fibers…however, it is not such a good idea, it turns out, to do this during a lightning storm), now technology has turned on me.

Case in point: all the photos He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog took with his digital camera, and which I was going to use in today’s entry, didn’t download because the battery ran out.

And they were really good photos of his cat Gem, who last night BROKE A WINDOW IN OUR DINING ROOM!

Yes. You see sometimes Gem gets the Jimmy Legs in the middle of the night and runs crazily around the house, leaping from one piece of furniture to another like a howler monkey.

And last night she apparently leapt onto a dining room chair with such force it tipped over backwards and crashed against the window.

This morning when we came downstairs we found Gem sitting outside, staring in at us through the window of her cat door, wearing the Cat Face of Shame.

Then we found the chair, leaning against the shattered window. And all the carpets flipped upwards, more evidence of her Jimmy Leg spree.

She has been hiding under the car ever since, too embarrassed to show her face.

It’s really too bad the photos didn’t turn out because they were truly fantastic.

Old photo of Gem in Jimmy Leg mode. “I weell keell you.” PS I have no idea what that big white thing is, this photo is so old.

In conclusion, don’t poke palm trees with metal broom handles during lightning storms, or expect digital cameras to always capture the moment.

See you at the chat!

More later.

Much love,