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Congratulations to Ellen B, Amanda L, Haleigh L, Brittani Y, and Amy L, all winners in last month’s megcabot.com contest! They were just supposed to win copies of Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: Moving Day, but because I’m in such a good mood, they each got a copy of Airhead and an American Apparel Airhead T-shirt as well.

If you want to know why I’m in a good mood, read on. Though I warn you…it’s not for the faint of heart.

In the meantime, if you entered the contest and didn’t win, don’t despair! There’s always this month’s contest!

And for those of you interested in winning copies of the entire Queen of Babble series, including Queen of Babble Gets Hitched, go here!

I actually have a VERY few advanced reader copies of Queen of Babble Gets Hitched leftover….I know it’s short notice, but if there’s anyone who runs a review site who is interested in a copy, let me know.

Quickly (but importantly):

It’s finally here! In stores now:

Declare Yourself.

Speak. Connect. Act. Vote.

50 celebrated Americans—from Adrian Grenier to Hayden Panettiere to Alice Walker to me (I know! Me?), with a foreword by Norman Lear—share their perspectives on voting and civic involvement in this one-of-a-kind book. This collection of more than fifty essays and unique pieces explores topics ranging from “The First Time I Voted” to “Why the Personal is Political,” all straight from the pens of public figures you know and (hopefully) love (including America Ferrera and Amber Tamblin. Read their pieces here).

My essay is on the summer I spent working for Manpower, where I was a victim of an unspeakable act of sexism involving wet/dry vacs, and how if we want to keep things like that from happening again and again we have to vote NOW…because the people we elect today will be making the Supreme Court appointments that will effect all of our rights (including our daughters’ and their daughters’ rights) in the future. Read this book—and then Declare Yourself!

This is me with two adorable friends at about age 18, the time of the Manpower incident. Check out my stylish shades and killer center part.

So I guess I wasn’t the only one who went to see Sex and the City this weekend, since it was the highest grossing film of the week! I was practically the only person in the theater who was with a manfriend and not a girlfriend (and in flip-flops and not Manolos). I think I would have preferred to watch it on TV as an extra season rather than a movie, though. There were so many people in the theater, I couldn’t put my feet up!

Plus, the people next to me wouldn’t stop TALKING, and NOT about the movie (I am pretty sure they were drunk. At a matinee). We actually had to move. And then the next people we sat next to wouldn’t stop text messaging, DURING THE FILM. So we had to move again.

People next to me from the movie: I hate you.

Also this is why I see almost everything six months after everyone else, when it comes on Pay Per View.

Anyway, when we got home from the movie, I noticed Henrietta was coughing. It’s weird when cats start coughing because—well, normally cats don’t cough. I couldn’t really tell what she was doing until she barfed all over my Martha Stewart bath mat from Kmart. WHY GOD WHY? Why the bath mat? I’d just washed it, too. Well, okay, He Who Shall Not Be Named In This Blog had just washed it. But still.

Then she still kept coughing. And barfing. So I made an appointment at the vet, since this didn’t seem like normal behavior. But of course I couldn’t get an appointment until Monday.

Meanwhile Henrietta kept swanning around, coughing and throwing up (always on the bath mat).

So then I made the mistake of Googling coughing in cats.

Let me just tell you—Do not Google this. Congestive heart failure. Or a hairball.

But in Henrietta’s case, I was convinced it was heart failure. I started planning her cat funeral and my subsequent sabbatical from writing due to heart break.

So it was a very tense weekend.

Of course by the time the vet appointment rolled around, she’d stopped coughing AND throwing up (her last, massive barf–on my bath mat, of course—was a giant hairball). And the vet said her heart and blood work was all fine. This was after she both pooped and peed on him and the vet technician, because she was so pissed off about being at the vet when there was clearly nothing wrong with her. They so love her there, FYI.

So anyway. That’s why last month’s contest winners got copies of both Allie Finkle AND Airhead AND a free T-shirt. To celebrate Henrietta’s clean bill of health.

Who knows what will happen during next month’s contest?

Stay tuned.

More later.

Much love,