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Queen of Babble Gets Hitched

It’s here!

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched, the last book in the Queen of Babble series, is in US stores everywhere today!

In case you missed it, I made a little video about my own obsession with brides (which matches my heroine’s—although she has an excuse, being a professional wedding gown restorer, and all). I swear, I have seen every episode of Bridezilla, Buff Brides, and lately, my new favorite wedding-gown-themed reality show, Say Yes to the Dress, that has ever been shown. I am so obsessed with brides and their gowns, I want to enter this Queen of Babble/SugarLoot contest to win a Jessica McClintock wedding gown…even though I’m already married.

It really makes no sense whatsoever because I am not a wedding-y person. I have never even been in a wedding (except as a flower girl when I was eight), and He Who Shall Not Be Named in this Blog and I actually eloped.

Well, here, you can just watch while I explain (and by the way, that shirt is going straight to Good Will now that I have video proof of how it looks on me. What was I thinking?):

(And yes, Brady, who filmed that, did catch the bouquet. I don’t think he knows he has to get married now. Sorry, Brady!)

I guess I just can’t resist a long dress (worn only for a few hours, then ditched for life—or better yet, donated to fight against breast cancer).

Anyway, things on the Queen of Babble film front are very exciting, but I’m not allowed to talk about it. Which is like telling…well, like Lizzie Nichols not to talk about it. But I’m really trying. At least I haven’t blogged about it. Yet.

And I managed to keep quiet about it in Memphis, where I just attended two book signings sponsored by Justine Magazine (they’ve just started a new book club, Spark, check it out!) and Davis-Kidd Booksellers.

Honestly, I got to meet so many fantastic readers there, including Katie F, who made me the most beautiful princess box (she MADE it! It’s so purple and sparkly)! My readers are truly the best. No, seriously. They’re the BEST.

Here are some photos….

Me and Jana Kerr Pettey, Justine Magazine Publisher and Director

One of the fashion shows!

More of the fashion show!

Cute models (yes, I did squeeze myself in there)

Davis-Kidd Book signing

More Davis-Kidd Book signing….

Fantastic gluten free goodies! How nice of Justine Magazine (thanks, Janice!) was that?

Book group meeting!

I had a blast, as you can tell. But it’s good to be home, because I have a lot of work to do!

In other news, swallow any fluids in your mouth before you read the following:

New York Magazine is reporting that Alex and Simon of the Real Housewives of New York City are coming back for a second season. Finally, something to look forward to!

Still no word if Lucy Griffiths will be back to play Marian on BBC America’s Robin Hood Season 3, though. It’s not looking good as she’s signed on to be in another movie.

Poor Mimi La Rue, Tori Spelling’s pug, definitely won’t be back for another season of Tori and Dean, Inn Love. She passed away last week.

RIP, Mimi La Rue! You will be missed.

While most of you were going, “What? How could George Clooney dump Sarah Larson, there was just an in-depth profile of him in The New Yorker and they seemed so happy in his LA pad with his giant poster of Steve McQueen beaming down on them,” I was already on the case. It’s all right here in last month’s Harper’s Bazaar, where Sarah spilled the beans about how George makes a big deal about being environmentally friendly, but likes to fly on private jets (given the chance, who wouldn’t? What’s he going to do, risk being seated next to someone like ME????). Of course he dumped her.

Now he’s back on the market, ready to be snapped up by someone who knows how to keep her mouth shut (i.e., not me). So go get’im, girls.

Okay, when I saw this photo last month of the allegedly previously uncontacted tribe in the Amazon, I had some questions:

Like, who goes around in red body paint just for everyday wear? That seems like a lot of trouble. Usually full body paint is just for special occasions (i.e., self-tanner before a party), not when a plane you don’t even know is coming is flying over (especially if you’ve never even seen a plane before). What gives?

Now the news comes out that this village wasn’t so previously uncontacted after all. In fact, they’ve known about this village for a hundred years, and they even know the red paint signifies war and that the villagers heard the plane coming, got out the paint, and took away the Welcome mat, because they were scared it might be MTV dropping off some of those bratty My Super Sweet Sixteen kids for Exiled (totally understandable).

No wonder they got out the war paint! Seriously, I would not want that one girl who cried because she didn’t get the Lexus living with me for a month. I’d paint myself red just to keep her away, too.

Finally, another book of mine will be in stores today as well, the continuation of the Avalon High manga series, Coronation: Homecoming. Click here to read all about it (excerpt coming soon)!

More later.

Much love,